How You Can Identify Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is not uncommon in America, and that is why it is crucial to go for regular screening. Suppose you are a victim of this monster, you don’t have to worry much. All is not lost. Dr. Bharat Pothuri offers colonoscopy, one of the most powerful tools to help patients in Greater Huston to know their status. But there are more ways you can catch the condition early and make healthy decisions. Remember that any form of cancer is best managed when caught in the early stages. Learning how to identify colon cancer early will help you have better chances of managing the condition before it advances, increasing the treatment’s effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you.

Know the Symptoms

Knowing the common signs of colon cancer will help you stay alert and take action on time. You can research or consult your healthcare provider to understand what to look for. Generally, pay attention to blood in your stool and do not assume normal, especially if it is associated with bowel movement changes like constipation and diarrhea. Also, ensure you understand the source of your abdominal pain or bloating, and you can explain the reason for your weight change or loss of appetite. Additionally, note when you are uncharacteristically fatigued and report to your doctor.

Get a Medical Diagnosis

If you have any suspicious symptoms, the best thing is to seek an expert diagnosis. You will note that most colon cancer signs are similar to symptoms from other health complications, and you need to be certain. Do not wait to set up an appointment with your doctor to rule out other conditions that could mimic the symptoms of colon cancer, such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal infections.

Evaluate Your Risk Factors

Some people are at a greater risk of developing colon cancer than others. Therefore, you must talk to your doctor to understand your risk factors and know what you can do about them. Your provider will evaluate your health history and family history, among other factors, to understand your unique factors for colon cancer. Generally, colon cancer is common to those over 50, African American, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking or drinking alcohol, eating a high fat low fiber diet, and having a history of colon cancer or polyps.

Get Regular Screening

Generally, you should seek regular screening for all forms of cancer. The best way to prevent or catch colon cancer early is through regular tests recommended by your doctor. Your doctor can identify precancerous or cancerous growths and take the necessary steps to manage the condition. You can consult your doctor about a colonoscopy, fecal occult blood test, sigmoidoscopy, stool DNA, or virtual colonoscopy.

Evaluate Your Treatment Option

Identifying colon cancer can be scary and upsetting. However, it is better to catch the condition early as several treatments can help you fight cancer and relieve your symptoms. Also, your doctor might recommend steps to prevent cancer development depending on your risk factors. Ensure you discuss all the options carefully, noting every treatment’s benefits and possible side effects. The right treatment will depend on several factors, including your unique symptoms and general health.

It is good to identify colon cancer earlier for effective management. You can book your colonoscopy appointment at GastroDoxs today and know your status. You can also consult your provider on other screening tests for colon cancer. Remember, you can prevent colon cancer.


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