How to start a video blog on a budget



Video consumption is at an all-time high globally. Videos are highly engaging and easy to watch from almost any online platform. Take advantage of their increasing popularity and start a video blog now. Here are ways you can start one without spending too much.

Use a free blogging website that allows you to upgrade when you want 

There are platforms that offer free website hosting and blogging websites where you can set up a blogging account. Choose whichever suits you best. Make sure that you can upload videos for free. YouTube is a good place for you to start vlogging because it’s easily accessible and it’s already popular among online audiences.

Make a DIY recording studio

You don’t need to have a professional video recording studio and equipment to be able to vlog. There are ways you can produce clean recordings without spending a fortune. Choose a place where it’s bright and quiet. Make sure the background is nice and free of any distracting elements. Natural light works really well for videos, so try to shoot near a window, making sure the light from outside falls on your face and not behind you.

Use a laptop or mobile phone to shoot your video. Avoid using the zoom feature as it may blur your video and lower its quality. Also, try to use a separate device to record your voice. Position it near you or whoever you’re recording so it can pick up sound better. This is especially helpful when using a long shot. You can just merge the video and audio files when you’re editing.

Create and edit videos using a free online video editor

Editing videos can be tricky. Find a free online video editor that gives you access to the tools and features you need to create post-worthy content. Add captions or subtitles to allow soundless viewing, especially for people who are always on the go. Add royalty-free music if needed and add special effects to make it more interesting.

Plan your topics and posts

List down topics you wish to talk about in your vlog and schedule when to post them. You don’t have to post every day. But if you decide to post twice a week, make sure you’re consistent with that frequency. This way, your audience will know when to expect a new vlog from you. Stay relevant and research your topic well to avoid providing false information.

Turn to family and friends to help share your videos

You don’t need to pay a marketing team to promote your vlog for you. You can ask family and friends to help you share your videos. If you know someone who could use the information you provide on your vlog, ask them nicely to share it with their colleagues or to the community they belong to.

Ready, get set, vlog!

Vlogging is no easy task. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be successful at starting and maintaining a vlog site or channel. If you want to trend online and gain a huge following, you have to work hard and produce quality content that will be helpful to your target audience, even with a minimal budget.


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