How to spot the fraudulence in reviews and ratings?

How to spot the fraudulence in reviews and ratings?

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence is the new favourite of the tech enthusiasts. These technologies are the means of changing the lives of millions in the pandemic ridden world. Today, it is impossible to visit a school and receive in-person lessons from a teacher as the COVID19 pandemic is ravaging the world as we know it. It is wise to learn from the internet in the comfortable surroundings of home. But The internet has no shortage of fraud menaces lurking around stealing your hard-earned money. The method is an unfair business seeking the help of corruption for the sake of money. Buying off the primary source of information for evaluation, reviews and ratings. This article will try to elaborate on how to steer clear of a fake review and check if the ratings match up with reality.


Biases in a review based on seemingly irrelevant or emotional logic should be avoided at all costs. These are most probably bought in order to showcase a cult-like following of a product. Biasness can be indirect as well. For example, putting up a lofty sentence stating why this particular product on display is worse than another similar product. 

Putting up a show

If a review is seen to state a story linked with a product or discussing the memories related to it is most likely a paid review. This category of reviews is seen to promote other characters like a brother, sister or husband for drawing familial attention. 

The erroneous reviewer

Reviews with multiple symbols or mistakes, sometimes intentional mistakes should be avoided at all costs. These reviews are scribbled in a controversial manner so that they can draw some attention. This genre of fake reviews is famous for showcasing a link to some other product or service in the end.

The next step

The next step is to investigate a suspicious reviewer. It is wise to track their activities on the same as well as other social platforms. This investigation will reveal the fraudulence and defaming efforts done in order to sabotage the good intentions of an institute.

When it comes to education and learning from home, the internet thus must be used wisely. And investigation before an investment is always recommended. Thankfully, honesty still shines as a beacon of hope. Analytixlabs is one such example. Since its inception, the data science institute kept a good grip on one of the top positions in the country. And is considered a bastion of honesty. Analytixlabs flaunts the contact details of their students. The professional standing of the students is itself a testimony of finesse on behalf of the institute. A quick search with Analytixlabs reviews rating also reveals how the institute is more than willing to confront the allegations and complaints made against them. Some of them are publicly proven to be false as well. By being such a transparent institute Analytixlabs has become an oasis of truth in the menacingly notorious internet.


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