How To Make Money Selling On Amazon: An Exhaustive Guide

Money Selling On Amazon

Looking for a way to earn some extra money in your spare time? Or, are you looking for a completely different career? If so, then you need to learn about all the ways to make money selling on Amazon.

Amazon is a giant online retailer and one of the biggest companies on Earth. In 2018, it became the second company ever to join the $1 trillion market capitalization club, after Apple.

It also employs over 500,000 workers, which is more than Facebook and Google combined.

But, Amazon is unique in that anyone can capitalize on its success and enjoy the benefits. There are many ways you can earn money through Amazon, and lots of people have become rich by doing so.

Yet, not everyone realizes how many opportunities there are to make money with Amazon or that you don’t need a business degree.

But don’t worry because, in this guide, we’re going to outline each money-making method to help you choose the right option for you.

So keep reading to discover some exciting opportunities.

Sell Print on Demand Merchandise

Many people assume that you need to invest a load of money upfront and source suppliers to start a business. Well, years ago, this was true, but thankfully it’s not the case anymore.

Print on demand allows you to sell items without buying inventory upfront. In fact, you can start selling merchandise without ever touching it.

So how does it work?

First, you’ll need to sign up for Merch by Amazon. You then choose which item you want to sell and upload your own design onto it. It’s then advertised on Amazon, and when somebody places an order, Amazon prints and ships it.

You’re then given a percentage of the sale, which is often referred to as a royalty.

There are absolutely no upfront costs, and you can sell a variety of different items. This is a fantastic way to get started with no risks.

Become an Affiliate Marketer By Joining Amazon Associates

Do you have a large social media following, blog or, website? If so, you can monetize it by signing up to Amazon Associates and becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote and advertise other retailer’s products. Then, if someone buys a product as a result of your promotion, you earn a commission.

Many people choose this method as a way to earn extra cash due to its simplicity.

How Do You Get Started?

To become an affiliate marketer through Amazon, you need to sign up to Amazon Associates. It’s free to do and only takes a few minutes.

Once you have signed up and been accepted, you’ll be able to choose which products or services you wish to promote.

Amazon then gives you a personalized link to advertise on social media, your blog, or your website. If somebody clicks on this and then buys or signs up for a service within around 30 days, you’ll earn a commission.

What’s even better is the person doesn’t have to order the product you advertised for you still to earn money.

Important Things to Know

Even though affiliate marketing is a simple concept, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First, don’t assume that by posting lots of links that you’ll make money. If it looks spammy, then people will avoid clicking on them.

Second, it’s better to promote products you actually use and enjoy. If you are passionate about something, it’s easier to sell it.

Sell the Traditional Way

If you’re wondering about how to start selling on Amazon then the answer is to sign up as an Amazon seller. By doing this, you can source or design your own products to list and sell. The greatest advantage to this is that you have a bigger profit margin per sale.

Yet, there are some things to consider.

First, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to list your items on Amazon. The cost to sell on Amazon can vary depending on the needs and size of your business.

Second, you’ll need to do some research and find a supplier or manufacturer to buy from. However, the best strategy is to use expert tools to identify the best products to sell.

Upstart Works marketing services are one of the best for this, and they have all the tools you need to get ahead of the competition.

Don’t Forget About Amazon Handmade

You should know that if you’re creative, you can sell your own handmade products through Amazon.

You’ll still need a seller’s account and have to be accepted to join the handmade program. But, it can be a great alternative to other marketplaces such as Etsy.

Write Books and Publish Them on Amazon Kindle

If you’re a bit of a wordsmith, then you can self-publish books on Kindle.

Years ago, the only way to make decent money selling books was to find a publisher. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of writers would ever be accepted, leaving the rest disappointed.

But nowadays, anyone can sell their books on Amazon.

You can write either fiction or non-fiction, although the latter tends to be easier to sell. By picking the right niche and keywords, it’s pretty easy to become visible through search results.

If you’re writing it yourself, then the costs are minimal. We advise you to hire someone to design the cover and edit and format the book.

Once this is done, then you can upload it and start selling.

Best Ways to Make Money Selling on Amazon

As you can see, there are many ways to make money selling on Amazon.

This means that anyone can take advantage of this giant online marketplace and earn an extra income. But, it’s important to remember to do research and be patient. By doing this, you should see your efforts eventually pay off.

Finally, check out the business section of our blog for more expert tips and advice.

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