How To Make An Enticing Cake Using Simple Cake Decoration Ideas

Are you planning to surprise your loved ones with a luscious and well-decorated home-baked cake? Looking for a great way to make a few extra bucks doing what you love, “Baking Cakes”? It all depends on following the cake’s recipe and instructions step by step. You will require the ideal baking equipment and tools to be successful with the bake. You can also get inspired to decorate your cake from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and reputable online stores like Bakingo bakery in Gurgaon. In this post, we share tips on making an enticing cake using simple cake decoration ideas.

First things first:

These general techniques are equivalent to other whipped frostings also. It is also essential that you are equipped with the ideal baking tools like; a rotating cake turntable, serrated cake or bread knife, offset palette knife, pastry bag with tips, and cake smoother/scraper.

  1. Freeze Your Cakes

Baking a cake is a process that requires meticulous attention to detail and an approach to the stages. So, you must work on your cake in stages, which helps you make sure you do not rush or skip some instructions. No step is menial to the baking of a cake as everything will have been carefully planned. You can dedicate the day to baking the cake. When you are done, you can freeze it and continue the next step the following day. Freezing the cake also makes sure that the cake itself is completely cooled before adding decorations. It is pretty easy to cut and level a frozen patty. Cakes can stay fresh in the freezer for more than a week, so you can make plans to surprise your loved ones ahead of time.

  1. Use a cake turntable

Cake turntables are essential platters used to turn the cake while making decorations. You can quickly level and equally apply frosting to the cake using a cake turntable. Because cakes wobble, making it a challenge for a novice to smoothen out the decorations like a professional baker.

  1. Leveling a cake

When baking, the top parts of the cake are usually dome-shaped compared to the bottom parts, which assume the shape of the baking pan. So, it is essential that we even out the cake by cutting with a serrated knife. While there are different types of serrated knives, all you need to do is ensure that the knife has a greater length than the cake’s diameter. And you must start cutting with the blade of the knife on the sting and maintain that level as you rotate the turntable.

  1. Use a crumb coat

If you are planning to give the cake a frosting design finish, you will need to incorporate crumb coating. Crumb coating is a light coat of frosting that smoothens out the cake’s surface removing loose crumbs. It helps make sure that there are no irregularities in the frosting texture as there are no loose hanging crumbs to mess up the seamless frosting finish. 

  1. Applying the Frosting

Place the assembled layers on the turntable and apply a mound of frosting to the highest, spreading it around together with your spatula while you rotate the cake. Do the sides next. It’s best to figure quickly so that everything stays cool. But when you are still learning, this might not be possible. So it’d help to require an opportunity between doing the highest and therefore the sides, return the cake to the fridge within the meantime.

A cake smoother (or cake scraper or decorating comb) may be a flat piece of metal with one flat edge and one serrated edge. It will produce a sharper finish than a spatula (although a spatula will do a fine job). To use a smoother, run the sting along the edges of the cake while rotating it within the other way.

  1. Practice Piping

Making decorative flowers and other shapes employing a piping bag with various tips are some things that take practice. The same applies to engraving the cake with icing. We all start from somewhere, do not be turned down with a cake decoration gone wrong. You can also turn a cake disaster with a few tricks, like making cake pops.


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