How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Fitting a motorcycle helmet is a struggle many riders face on the road. The helmet fit is the most important aspect of road safety as the helmet helps to protect your head from the crash. If you have trouble fitting your helmet onto your head, there are different ways on how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better. Such ways of adjusting your helmet better mentions below:

Check the Cheek Pads are in Good Condition

The cheek pads are common in full face and modular helmets. The cheek pads help to maximize comfort and protection from severe impacts. When adjusting the fit of your helmet you must check the cheek pads must squish tightly onto your cheeks. The cheek pads should fit like ‘chipmunk cheeks’. Due to frequent wear and ongoing rides, the cheek pads start to become weak due to friction and the condition of the environment. To know how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better is to ensure that your cheek pads are tight but comfortable on your cheeks.

The Helmet Must Be The Right Size

Riders fail to check the size of the helmet due to the ignorance of their head sizes. This reduces the chances of head protection. To know if the helmet is the right size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows down to the midway of your head. This will help you to get the right head size. To check the shape of your head is to flatten your hair as flat as possible and take the photo above your head. There are three head shapes, which are round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. Do observe the head shape before you try the helmet on. To check the right head size is to make sure that different helmet brands have their head size chart.

Check The Position of your Helmet

The position of your helmet is very important for ensuring a better fit. You have found the right helmet size but not positioned properly. The reason behind this is that the helmet has not positioned well onto your head. To check the position of your helmet, the helmet must fit low on your forehead. There should be less than two finger-widths above your eyebrows. When fitting your helmet, there should not be any space between the helmet and your forehead. If you wish to leave a space for adding extra accessories, you can browse the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset. When making space for adding the Bluetooth headset, make sure the headset fits well to the helmet.

Use Side Straps

The side straps are very useful for how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better. The side straps are common in the open face and half face helmets. The right and left straps shape like the letter ‘Y’ and should meet right below your ear. To adjust the side straps correctly is to roll the rubber band as much as possible until you secure to the desired fit. When using the side straps, make sure the helmet fits well onto your head and the side straps should not bother your ears. As much as making your helmet fit, you must consider the comfort.

Buckle the Chin Straps

The chinstraps are the helmet’s biggest security. The reason why riders face incorrect helmet fit is due to unadjusted chinstraps. To strap around the chin is to make sure the strap fits no more than two fingers inserted. Then readjust the straps to your desired fit. After strapping your helmet, try to open your mouth and check to see if the helmet presses the top of your head. If you are unsure of How to Strap a Motorcycle Helmet, you can have a look at this guide.

Consider your Helmet Type

Considering your helmet type is important, as the type of helmet you wear will influence the safety applied on the road. There are six types of motorcycle helmets and each helmet type has its pros and cons. To know how to fit your helmet better is to consider the helmet type you want and try to wear the helmet for a snug fit. If you want a headgear with natural ventilation, do check out the Best Half Helmet.

Wrap Up

Here are the guides on how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better. You can see adjusting the helmet with a proper fit is very crucial for head protection as the helmet helps to protect your head from impacts. If you want to ensure a proper fit onto your head, just follow these guides above. The more you follow, the better the fit of your helmet.

So adjust your helmet correctly and enjoy the ride!


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