How to Make a Logo With DesignEvo Upon 3 Rules

The brand logo is the external visual impression carrier of a company. It is the ultimate application of the concept of “simplifying the complexity.” It integrates everything in the company into a pattern or symbol to convey to the world and give the brand the opportunity to be remembered.

The entrepreneurial spirit conveys emotional elements, such as solemnity, neatness, liveliness, etc., while another logo design should highlight flexibility and ingenuity. Whether the inspiration source of the design and the meaning to be conveyed are transformed into enough, Featured visual elements are displayed to help people remember and distinguish. When designing, you can find design inspiration from features such as the meaning of the times, the company’s vision and goals, or the peripheral elements of the mascot and other features.

Three general rules of inspection: concise, unique and adaptable

How do you check the design of our brand logo? You can use the following three characteristics to check.

1. Simplicity: Is your logo concise and powerful enough?

Simplicity is a very important concept. In the era of booming information, you should all learn how to simplify information to help memorize and understand more effectively. Therefore, whether there are logo sketches during your design process or logo design drawings that have already been completed, you should constantly review and choose the design elements used, constantly question yourself, and ask yourself questions. Are there unnecessary elements in the logo you designed? Does the corporate spirit convey contain impurities? Is it sufficient to fully represent the product or service? Master the concise design spirit. A good logo design is already half done.

2. Uniqueness: Is your Logo creative enough?

The most important reason why brand logos pays attention to uniqueness is to avoid being confused by competitors’ trademarks and prevent customers’ attention and memory points from being diluted or obscured by the market. Therefore, whether it is line contours, distorted angles, or color schemes, you should all pursue originality and creativity, but how do you find unique design elements that you can use? You can also think from the spirit of the times, brand vision, or characteristic objects such as the mascot and believe that your own inspiration and ingenuity are the beginning of uniqueness. Because of its uniqueness, the brand logo has more opportunities to exist and operate for a long time.

3. Versaltity: How adaptable is your logo?

The adaptability of the brand logo means that the logo can display its characteristics and spirit in a variety of mockups, such as printing the logo on the company wall, T-shirts, meeting documents, or media advertisements, etc. Whether it is still the same, Can it match well with other visual or spatial elements? A further extension, the universal value of brand logo refers to the concept and meaning of the design that any masses can understand and trust. This step is very difficult because everyone’s ideas and aesthetics are different. The same, so how we want to transform the people’s intuitive interpretation of the logo into recognizing spiritual values is always a major issue in design.

DesignEvo: a tool for you to design logos at will

The above explains the three general rules for logo-checking. And now you can find one of the best logo makers, DesignEvo, to help you do this job quoteamaze.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a platform for designing trademarks and logos. DesignEvo is a cross-platform software that can be used in a variety of system environments, including the Internet, Android, Apple’s iOS, and Mac, whether on mobile phones or computers etvhindu. You can use DesignEvo’s logo generator on all of them. You don’t need to download software or be a professional designer. DesignEvo provides more than 10,000 logo templates, ranging from simple letters, animals to abstractions, fashion and beauty, in various categories, allowing you to design high-quality logos easily dishportal.

How you can make a logo with the DesignEvo logo maker.

  • Step1. First, go to the DesignEvo homepage.
  • Step2. Choose one from the category that is similar to your theme. If you can’t find it, please use your search. For example, if you want to want a logo for podcast, you enter it, then you will find a lot of podcast logo templates result.
  • Step3. After choosing a template you like, start customizing
  • Step4. Press download after finishing
  • Step5. Choose the payment plan you need

There are three paid plans, namely the free version, the basic version (US$24.99/time), and the advanced version (US$49.99/time), which can be purchased according to your own needs informenu.


DesignEvo is very easy to design logos. So you can design your logo on the DesignEvo with these three rules, then it would be an effortless task for you to manage your design task fullformsadda.


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