How to Increase Your Chances of a Healthy Pregnancy

It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery without problems. However, several factors increase the chances of developing high-risk pregnancies, and anyone can be caught up. Although it can be stressful to learn you are a high risk-woman, you can rest the case at the best Edinburg, TX, obstetrics. There are so many ways you can still have a good time and deliver your baby safely. But it requires collaborative efforts between you and your provider for the good of your health and that of your baby. Here is what you can do to reduce your high-risk pregnancy chances.

Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight Before Pregnancy

Obesity and being overweight increase your chances of developing complications during pregnancy and childbirth. That is why you should plan before you get pregnant to attain and maintain a healthy weight. You can follow an exercise regime combined with a healthy diet and seek professional weight loss before becoming pregnant. This will minimize your chances of complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and stillbirth.

Manage Your Existing Conditions

Your pregnancy can become high-risk if you have existing conditions that are not managed or controlled. If you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, or sexually transmitted diseases, talk to your doctor before getting pregnant to understand how they can affect your pregnancy and how you can manage them. Remember that pregnancy will take a toll on your body, and managing such issues will ensure your body functions optimally to support the pregnancy.

Consider Prenatal Supplements

There are certain nutrients your body needs when you are pregnant. Since you might not get all the nutrients and minerals from a standard diet, you can talk to your doctor about taking supplements. Your doctor will advise you on the prenatal vitamins or supplements you should take. You can get iron, folic acid, iron, or calcium that you might be missing from your diet. It would help if you began taking supplements before you became pregnant. Also, taking prenatal supplements after birth can help your child get crucial nutrients through breastfeeding.

Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

All these substances could significantly affect your baby if you take them when pregnant. Therefore, begin considering ways to quit using the substances before becoming pregnant. Your doctor can help you lay strategies to quit smoking and illegal substance use and get out of alcohol addiction.  You should only take medications prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy to safeguard the health of your child. Otherwise, such substances could increase the chances of congenital disabilities or have your child born addicted to them.

Consider Your Age

Age is a significant factor for high-risk pregnancies. The chances of developing complications are higher beginning at the age of 35. Therefore, if you are older, start talking to your doctor before becoming pregnant for guidance. You might have challenges conceiving or have increased risks for genetic abnormalities and miscarriages. You must maintain regular visits to your doctor as you plan to become pregnant throughout your pregnancy and after birth.

If you are a high-risk woman, chances are still to get a healthy pregnancy and deliver safely. Maintaining regular visits to your doctor is crucial as they will help you know what you can do to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Get in touch with the high-risk obstetrics specialists at the Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley today for help.


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