How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist: 6 Top Tips

With the recent popularity of tattoos, many people are looking to get inked. However, not all tattoo artists are created equal. Tattoo art is a skill, and it takes time to develop your style and become a professional. You also consider that not everyone can handle tattooing with the same skill level—even if they have the right equipment and years of experience.

This guide will help you choose the best tattoo artist for your needs.

Ask Around

There are so many excellent tattoo artists out there that it’s hard to choose between them. The best way to find a tattoo artist is to ask other people who they go to. Ask friends for recommendations. If you’ve received great recommendations from friends and family, go with them. Many artists offer to do a free tattoo and pay for your cover-up. Let your friends do the talking and get at least two opinions. If you decide to go with someone else, they’re obligated to give you a good price and meet your expectations.

Good Tattoos Are Not Cheap

There’s no getting around it: tattooing is expensive. It’s hard to make that kind of money when you’re not even a professional artist. Also, it’s very hard to get your foot in the door and work your way up when you can’t get clients. There are a lot of cheaper options out there, though. You can buy your tools and supplies, or you can see if a friend has an artist they’re willing to teach you. In the end, though, it’s best to find a professional. Find a tattoo artist with a reputation.

Compared With Other Tattoo Artists

As a first-time tattoo user, it might intimidate you to look around and find someone to tattoo you. But this should not be the case. As a start, check with the artist who your friends and relatives are recommending. You can ask them to show you some of their work to make an informed choice. Also, consider getting a professional tattoo designer before you meet the artist. Don’t be scared to ask for a consultation.

Get Real Recommendations

Look for artists who have an excellent client review. An artist can’t speak about their work without being asked, so inquire about tattoo work in person or find an artist willing to show their work. Ask about client satisfaction, customer service, payment options, and experience. Don’t fall for the flattery and charm—look at the reviews to see what others think of your potential tattoo artist.

Check the Portfolio of the Tattoo Artist

If you want to go with a professional tattoo artist, ensure they have a portfolio on their website. Before you even ask them to come for a consultation, check out their website. If they don’t have one, that may be a red flag, and you should never be afraid to find an artist who doesn’t have a portfolio. If you find a portfolio, you’ll know more about the artist and their aesthetic preferences. You’ll know if you and the artist are a good fit and whether they’ll work efficiently or they’ll cause you to wait endlessly for an appointment. Check if a professional association accredits the artist. Before you find the best tattoo shops near me, you must make sure that they are members of a professional association.

Experience of Tattooing

This is a very important factor when considering where to get tattooed. While many people have no tattoo experience, the results can be disastrous if your artist makes a poor first impression. Some of the best tattoo artists are top artists with years of experience and have become famous for their work.


Choosing the best tattoo shop near me can be a daunting task, especially if you’re doing it first. However, by following the above-discussed tips, no doubt you will end up working with the best and get incredible results.


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