How to Factory Reset Netgear EX3700 WiFi Extender

A factory reset clears your Netgear WiFi range extender’s custom settings and takes it back to a like-new state. It is an important step when it comes to fixing various WiFi connectivity issues. This post is all about how to factory reset your Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender without a hitch. Let’s get the ball rolling.

What is Factory Reset and When Should You Do It?

Some users mistakenly refer reset to reboot, but both are two different processes. Similar to a computer, a reboot shuts down your Netgear extender and starts it back up. It is a great troubleshooting step if your Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender acts weirdly.

On the other hand, a factory reset clears all your data from the WiFi range extender. This incorporates WiFi network details, passwords, security settings, and any other settings you have changed. Thus, after resetting, you need to perform Netgear EX3700 setup and configuration again.

Basically, it is like you just bought the extender from the factory, hence the name. On the off chance if your Netgear EX3700 wireless extender is acting weirdly and a reboot doesn’t help, a factory reset might resolve the issue for you. As there is no going back, so it is recommended to consider the factory reset as a last resort. At the very first, try rebooting your Netgear range extender. It might also a great option to update your Netgear EX3700 WiFi range extender’s firmware and see if this resolves the issue for you.

Consider doing a factory reset if you are selling or disposing of your extender. Thus, whoever gets your extender next can start fresh, without seeing any of your confidential data such as your WiFi password.

How to Factory Reset EX3700 Extender Using Reset Button

First, look closely to your Netgear EX3700 wireless extender to find the reset button on it. Most Netgear extender models include a reset button on the bottom or back panel. You might need a paperclip to press it.

Here are the complete steps for Netgear EX3700 factory reset using the reset button:

  • Disconnect all devices currently connected to your Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender.

  • Don’t turn off your extender.

  • Press the Reset button on it using a paper clip.

And that’s it! Now, your Netgear EX3700 extender will reboot itself. Thus, you can reset your Netgear WiFi range extender using the reset button. Once done, access the Netgear genie setup wizard and configure your EX3700 extender’s settings again as per your requirements.

How to Factory Reset EX3700 Extender Via the Web Interface

Just in case your Netgear EX3700 extender doesn’t include a reset button or you find the aforementioned method a bit tricky, you can reset it via the web configuration interface. Let’s have a look at the steps below to reset your Netgear EX3700 range extender using the web GUI:

  • Pull up your favorite web browser on your computer or laptop.

  • Visit mywifiext net login web page.

  • Insert the admin username and password into the given fields.

  • Click on the Log In button.

  • Once logged in, go to the Administration section.

  • Hit the Factory Reset button.

  • Now, wait until your Netgear EX3700 WiFi extender resets.

And there you are! In this manner, you can factory reset your Netgear EX3700 wireless range extender without a hitch. Now, you need to reconfigure your extender’s settings as per your liking. However, before resetting, you can take a backup of all current settings of your extender so that you can easily restore them without any need to reconfigure your extender.

Which method did you find easy for you? Let us know in the comments section.


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