How to download movies on Amazon prime

Online movies or web series are the new trends of this new Digitalization world. We love to watch movies in our spare time on various OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, Zee5, Alt Balaji, etc. Sometimes due to low wifi signals, power-cut it is quite impossible to watch online movies. Another example is that if you are going somewhere that doesn’t have Wi-Fi like a Plane or a remote cabin in the woods, it would be better to download your movie in advance so that these issues won’t affect your entertainment.

Some important things to be noted

On Amazon prime, it is possible to download your content and watch it later offline but for this, you must have mobile apps of Amazon prime. You cant download offline movies on your laptop or computer from Amazon prime. And also not all contents can be downloaded on a phone or tablet or Windows 10 from Amazon prime. “Only selected Prime Video titles are available to download,” Amazon cautions, “and the amount of time you have to view a downloaded title while your device is offline varied by title.” You may also find that some content on tamilgun is only accessible for download in specific geographic regions, and Amazon may place a limit on the total number of shows you may download at once, prompting you to remove stuff you’ve already seen to download more.

Steps to Download Amazon Prime Content on a Phone or Tablet

If you want to download any show, first of all, you must have the Amazon Prime Videos app which you can easily install from Google Play Store. To start, you’ll need an Amazon account and an Amazon Prime subscription. You’ll also require the Amazon Prime Video app, which requires a compatible Fire, Android, or iOS device. Launch the app after it has been installed and sign in to your Amazon Prime account. If you already have these two things let’s proceed further,

Step 1– Open the Amazon Prime videos App on your Phone or Tablet.

Step 2- Browse and search your favorite movie or Web-series which you want to download. after searching Tap on it to open the video’s Details page.

Step 3-  if your movie or TV show is available for download, you will see a downward arrow there. After that, select the video quality you want. The larger the file size, the higher the download quality. Start the download by pressing the Start button.

Step 4- And Last tap the download arrow and wait till it’s downloading.

Step 5- If you want to download a TV show, you can often choose the entire season with a single tap, look for the Download Season option and download the entire season.

Step 6- If your phone has an SD card, you’ll be asked whether you want to save the video to it or keep it on your phone’s internal storage. Keep in mind that video files can be very large, therefore we recommend using external storage if at all possible.

The Final words

People often use different pirated sites to download their favorite movies or TV shows but such sites like uWathcfree, Movierulz2, and Babahd movies come under the category of illegal websites. And people try different VPN services pr apps like Kik App to streaming movies on these sites. But it is highly suggested not to use these websites to avoid any kind of unfavorable situations and buy any subscription of legal OTT platforms and download offline movies. On Amazon prime, it is possible to download your content and watch it later offline but for this, you must have mobile apps of Amazon prime.


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