How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower

So it’s lawn mowing time, and you’re considering how best to approach the mammoth task. For many, mowing the lawn is a satisfying, even therapeutic job. 

Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass?

But choosing the right machine for the job can be even more difficult than the task itself.  Whether it’s your backyard, golf course, or football field, here’s a simple guide on how to choose the best lawn mower for you. 

Size up your lawn 

The size of your lawn will determine what kind of mower you get. Whether that’s a push mower, ride-on, or zero-turn type, each lawn mower is designed to deal with a range of different sized lawns. 

You’re not going to need a 32 horsepower, high-performance beast to take care of your front lawn. It’s just not a good idea. Medium and large front and backyard lawns are easily and effectively dealt with in half an hour’s work slinging a modest push mower. The market is saturated with these, from electric, petrol, and even solar-powered motors. 

Consider ease of use

There’s no doubt that lawn mowers are heavy, bulky, and sometimes a pain to move around. Even extracting them from the shed can be a task that puts you off the whole thing.

For ease of use, consider getting a self-propelled mower, as this will greatly reduce the effort required to move the machine around. Instead of hauling it up and down – just let it do the hard bit while you steer. 

Let the lawn take care of itself with a robot lawn mower 

If you despise mowing the lawn, you might want to consider a robot lawn mower. In predictable and safe environments, these are highly effective at getting the job done with minimal effort and power. Just remember to properly clean your lawn before letting the little guy loose. Nails or loose debris can mess with their blades and render them blunt pretty quickly. 

Think about cutting width 

When it comes to choosing the right lawn mower, the cutting width is one of the most important features to consider. The cutting width is how wide the mower can cut – the wider the cutting width the less time you spend mowing your lawn. Think about how long it would take to mow a football field with a push-mower – that would take the best part of the day. 

But choosing the widest cutting width won’t necessarily give you the agility you need to access certain areas. Therefore, as a general rule, follow this cutting width size guide:

  • Small lawns – 30cm cutting width 
  • Medium lawns – 40cm to 50cm width 
  • Large lawns and fields 60cm + cutting width 

What about cutting height?

Cutting height is how high your grass will end up after you’ve mowed it. Your typical residential push mowers will have an adjustable height, as will any larger commercial mowers on the market. Depending on your local environment and grass type you’ll want to make sure it’s set to the right height before plowing on. 


If your lawn features undulating hills, occasional trees, garden, and water features, perhaps a few tight corners – you’ll want to ensure your mower will be able to access all areas without a fuss. There’s nothing worse than having to run around with a whipper snipper to finish off every last nook and cranny because your machine was too clumsy to fit.

If your lawn is large, complex, and tough to manage, consider a mid-range Zero Turn mower with the ability to manoeuvre into tight concerns and pivot around the most difficult of situations.

Going commercial? It’s time to talk fuel consumption 

Upgrading to a commercial mower for larger jobs can be a game-changer, especially if you’ve been stuck pushing a petrol lawnmower around for the past few years. But extra power and cutting width does come at the cost of higher fuel consumption. 

Choosing a fuel-efficient model can be a difficult task in such a saturated market. Make sure you speak to your local Kubota mowers Perth dealership about what model will suit your needs the most. 

Ease of maintenance 

If you’re after a commercial mower, it’s a good idea to take into account regular maintenance and measures to keep your assets in working condition. Choose a mower that has an easy access maintenance hatch for routine and spot checks – that way you can ensure your mower is always kept in good condition, even when you’re on the job.

How to get a good deal on your next mower 

Getting a terrific deal on your next mower is simple. Get in touch with your local Perth Kubota dealer. They’re bound to have a range of commercial and smaller residential models in stock. Let them know about your lawn size and any other needs. They’ll be more than happy to give you a rundown of what specifications are most handy along with advice and tips on mowing techniques. 

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