How to Choose Best PBX Software for Your Business

Big or small, every business needs a phone system. You want custom greetings for incoming calls, rerouting calls when a number is busy, or just putting the caller on hold. If you are looking for all these functions in a phone system,  the PBX software is probably your best bet. A PBX is a phone system that connects multiple phones on-premise and outside, offering a cost-effective way for collaboration and communication using VoIP.

Once you zero in on your need to install a PBX software, the next question that comes to mind is—which is the best PBX software? With an array of PBX software in the market, it can be difficult to find the right fit for your business. To make this decision, you need to understand the various types of PBX phone systems available first. Here we have summed it up for, have a look: 

Types of PBX software

  1. Conventional PBX: A conventional PBX software is an on-premise phone solution for connecting the phones through hardware, often a switching console for creating a connected network of voice phones. 
  2. IP PBX: An IP PBX phone system can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud, which offers flexibility and value for money. For cloud-hosted IP PBX software, the installation can be done in a few clicks, without any spend on infrastructure and maintenance. The IP PBX-based phone system is divided into—single- tenant and multi-tenant solutions.
  • The multi-tenant version is used by telecom and internet service providers who host multiple users at their end. 
  • Whereas, the users of single-tenant independent enterprises. 

We have covered the basics of PBX software and its types, however, the question of selecting the best PBX software remains. There is no one-size-fits-all product, but we have listed a few features that a PBX software must-have. 

  • Auto Provisioning 

With auto-provisioning, you can become self-reliant and make adjustments to the PBX services on your own. 

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)

The LCR process takes the best route for call optimization, which is cost-effective and has a good voice quality.

  • BLF and presence

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) assists in indicating light at the IP phone user’s end when the phone extension is in use. In the case of a softphone, the screen shows a green or red dot to indicate that the extension is in use.

  • Audio Conference

The audio conferencing feature helps in getting a seamless voice experience for collaboration and business communication. 

  • Real-Time Analytics and Reports

Real-time analytics and reports provide an outlook on customer communications that can distinguish call patterns by day of the week, time, location, or issue. 

Most of the traditional PBX software may have these features. But for a scalable and reliable solution, HoduSoft’s HoduPBX is best suited for businesses. As an innovative VoIP communications product, HoduPBX has all these features in addition to unique and add-on features. 

Add-on features of HoduPBX:

  • Android and iOs App– Wherever you are, accessing HoduPBX is easy through HoduPhone App available on Google Play and Apple Store. Users can install the HoduPhone app on their smartphone and use all the features of PBX.
  • Chrome Extension- HoduPBX redefines ease-of-use with this simple addition to the Chrome browser. You can easily manage calls from your desktop or laptop without the need for any device.
  • Queue Pro- Bring efficiency to the system by adding Queue Pro. You can see the status of the call queue in real-time and monitor the activities of the center. Tenants can create multiple call queues under the service section of the portal.
  • SMS integration- As one-in-all PBX software, HoduPBX offers SMS Integration for effective and faster business communication.
  • SIP Trunking- Support a large volume of simultaneous calls with HoduPBX SIP trunking. It will help you save on costs, provide flexibility, and offer a host of unified communications features.
  • Voice Transcription- HoduPBX is integrated with best-in-class Google API for voice and audio message transcription. 

Unique advantages of HoduPBX:

  • 1000+ concurrent call support
  • 10000+ phone extension support
  • Product customization
  • Robust and secure
  • Unlimited tenants
  • Attractive UI/UX

To get the best value from PBX software, whether you want an IP PBX system, multi-tenant IP PBX software, or simply a cloud PBX software, give us a shout. 

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