How To Buy Suspender Belts in the UK and Wear Them

If you’re a tights-wearer but really intrigued with the idea of stockings, then you’ll need something to hold them up as well. That’s when you’ll require suspender belts. A large variety of suspender belts UK are available in a variety of colours, patterns, styles and sizes. From pink suspenders, plus size suspender belts to red suspender belts and what-not!

So, you see suspender belts do a better job in keeping your stockings in place than any other thing. Given below are a few questions answered for the beginners – 

Is it better to buy broader suspender belts or narrow ones? 

Yes, narrow suspender belts are stylish but they’re not very practical. Stockings are not always heavy but they constantly pull you down while you walk and a narrow one will always end up slipping down. This leads to wrinkled tops and stockings being visible under the shorter hemlines. A broad suspender belt is sturdier than you think. It will create a smoother line under your outfit. 

Where should you wear your suspender belt? 

It’s harder for it to slip down when it is very high on your waistline. So, if you come across a design that’s low over the hips, it means that’s intended for the boudoir piece for short-term wear. You must wear it in the natural waistline because suspender belts will comfortably hug your body. 

Will metal clips damage your stockings? 

To be precise, a top-notch quality metal clip won’t do any damage. Affordable plastic clips might have rough edges that can pull and snag the delicate stocking fabric. Plastic grips can break easily that’s why metal clips are used for the suspender belts. No, it won’t do any damage to your suspender belts. 

How many suspender straps must your suspender belt must-have? 

Most of the suspender belts have four straps, i.e. two at the back and two in the front. So, if you combine wide and waist height designs, it can work perfectly awesome. The more straps are holding up your stockings, the lesser they will slip down. So, women who are searching for something to wear all day long must choose 6 or 8 straps to make it much less likely for you to disappear in the bathroom just to adjust your hosiery. 

Is it good to wear suspender belts with hold-ups? 

You can. But, it’s not recommended. It’s understandable that hold-ups strips of silicone inside the band will keep your belts in place. Suspender clips are not good for grabbing onto a thick material. You’ll see that they keep popping up or even worse, they may end up damaging your clips in order to hold themselves up. 

Do knickers go under or over the suspender belts? 

This is total upto to personal preferences. Most people say that it’s a french way and is a more practical way to go to the toilet. You won’t have to go to the toilets by undoing all the straps and pulling the knickers down. However, if you see there are a lot of women who wear them this way with suspenders on the top. So, you can just eliminate this issue with the pair of suspender knickers. It’s the one that combines two pieces into one. 

Do you have any other questions? If yes, feel free to ask in the comments section below! 



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