How to Build Your Email List for Extra Success

You need to have a list to maximize the make money online long term and to monetize your site. Your list is specifically targeted to your market. When building a list, target a market with customers that want to grow or learn. Sometimes people are searching online and just want something quick.

When I shop at Amazon, it is because I am looking for something specific. I want a particular book and I want it now. I am not interested in the advertising Amazon sends me in emails to try and sell me a related item. That’s just me, I am sure their targeted marketing is part of their marketing plan.

Their email marketing strategy must bring in money or Amazon wouldn’t continue the practice. However, what Amazon’s marketing strategy does for me is to keep their name in front of me. When I read a book recommendation online, what do I do, I click over to Amazon, place an order, go back to my work, and expect the book to arrive in a few days.

I am interested in internet marketing and I have joined many, many lists over the years. However I only read two of the lists I have joined on a consistent basis. The only two newsletters I still read are by two marketers I perceive are trying to add value to my life. Translated they give me more helpful information than others and every email is not trying to get me to buy their latest affiliate product. Oh yes, they offer me products and opportunities, some I buy, some I don’t buy. I don’t mind them trying to sell me on something because they have given me enough value that they have earned my trust. That trust is then turned into profit.

Conventional Wisdom – (while I don’t always agree to conventional wisdom this is what is being taught)

  1. Capture email addresses. The place to place an offer for people to opt in to your email address is above the fold. Above the fold is the top section of your web page so people don’t have to scroll down.
  2. Use a squeeze page to capture emails. A squeeze page means you craft an offer for your customer, an example may be a free course, however before your visitor can download the free course, you require their email address.

(The reason conventional wisdom doesn’t always work). When I come across a squeeze page I usually give a junk email address. I reserve a junk email address for any situations where I am squeezed to give an email address. The exception to using a junk email address is the situation where I have purchased a product, I will use a main email address that I check daily. I want to make sure I get the receipt.

  1. Perfecting the bribe on your squeeze page. Use an emotional trigger that will induce emotions that influence people to take a specific action. The emotional trigger we see all the time is fear of loss. For example, you are teaching money management for self employed professionals, maybe it’s loss of investments? The product or page we are looking at says this is only available for a limited time, we may even see a counter countdown. We know we must act now to avoid the fear of having to pay a higher price later.
  2. Give a reason to opt in. A reason is something you trade like a video, a report, a course, ebook, or something of value that encourages a visitor to opt in. Videos are perceived as a higher value. Don’t ask for too much information. Studies have shown the greatest response comes by asking for just an email address. The second highest response comes from asking for just two pieces of info, name and email address. Asking for more information decreases your response.
  3. Confirm the opt in. Aweber is the most popular list software used on the web. When you set up your list, you choose to have your visitors confirm their request for your emails. When a person has to take an action and click on a validation link, it shows they are choosing to accept your email. This completes the opt-in process.
  4. Promise to keep your customer’s emails private. I am always moved when someone says, “I hate spam too, I will never rent or share your email with anyone period.”


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