How to Become a Smart Chess Player in 2021? | Tips for Winning the Chess 

If a person believes in miracles, he can sometimes perform them.” If you are a game lover and love to play chess then it is the best brain advantage for you. We all know that chess is a mind game and most people have the misconception that if he/she is a chess player then they are smarter and have amazing memory skills which are completely wrong. But yes, it is important that a player with an amazing chess IQ & higher smartness, and intelligence level can become a good chess player. There are many efforts a good player has to put in to become a smart player. Also, there are many ways to develop your chess skills. Sometimes you play all good but sometimes it’s all messed up but it is possible in every game not only in chess. Therefore, if you have critical and analytical thinking skills you can be a smarter chess player. Other than this there are some tactics and tips that will be beneficial for you if you desperately want to win a chess game. In this article, our expert players have come up with the smart tips that will make you a chess champ in 2021 if you are getting started with chess games.

5 Tips to Become a Chess Champ in 2021 | How to be a Smart Chess Player

Get smartness in your every move by following our essential tips. It will help you out in identifying whether you are playing smarter or not. Practicing this will make you a champ in chess. Therefore, get better productivity by beating the opposite player. Always remember chess is all about smartness and intelligence so shape your brain accordingly and make your moves so that you will become a smarter player. Below we have listed some of the essential tips that you need to follow for becoming a wise chess player.

1. Learn the Tactics and Moves

A chess piece can be moved in various ways it’s all up to an individual what way he/she chooses. It is important to have full concentration during the gameplay. Always remember king and queen are the strongest piece in chess and can change your game completely. A king can move with a stately pace in one direction and the queen can move in any direction.

2. Watch the  Opponent 

Always keep in mind to be alert and smart while playing the game of chess. Not only in your turn but you should keep eye on the opposite team in what way they are moving so that you can decide your plan. Make sure to cross or double-check your moves before playing because a single mistake or negligence can let you lose a game.

3. Keep an eye on the Pieces

Don’t be a dumb player; it is advisable to check out each and every piece of your chess game. Every point has its own importance. Check out which one will be a good swap or what is not. So, figure out your every move, and keep in mind if you lose any of the pieces you’ll lose the mentioned number of points just because of them.

  • 9 points of Queen
  • 3 points of Bishop
  • 5 points of Rook
  • 3 points of Knight
  • 1 point of Pawn

4. Play patiently but don’t waste time

Chess is a mind game and patience matters a lot when it comes to winning a game of chess. Analytical and critical thinking is one of the keys to success. But don’t hold your hands for long because taking too much time can also become one reason for your loss. It is also recommended not to make too many moves during the entire gameplay.

5. Be a good pattern Recogniser

If you are playing chess don’t be a genius always but make sure to be a good pattern recognizer. With your IQ level, spot the right sequences and patterns all time during the gameplay. If you are a great pattern recognizer then you have the power to create history in the world of chess.

Closing Thoughts

Chess is all about critical thinking and analytical skills so use your mind actively and make the smart moves to end the game with a smiling face. But always remember winning or losing a game is ephemeral so learning from your consequences is what lasts forever. Be confident and enjoy gaming with all positive minds and hopes.


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