How Infographics Affects SEO

For some time now, infographics has become a tool digital marketers use to spread awareness and increase social shares. It can be used to generate leads for a product solution and also drive traffic to a website.

It is one of the sure-fire ways to engage an audience and show content in a fashionable way. Truth is, most webmasters do not know that infographics has more use than being  a way garnishing content to look good.

Infographics has a clear positive SEO effect on a website. In the course of this article, we would be reviewing how infographics helps sites to enjoy a boost in their SEO campaign.

Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

How Infographics Affects Your SEO

There is a practical reason why you should make infographics an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

For a start, infographics helps to augument the link building scheme of a website. Imagine earning huge organic inbound links because of a picture in your content. For instance, let’s say you are writing a copy, and you put in some visually appealing infographic that is laden with information and stats, web visitors would be eager to share your content on their sites. You can go on to embed a code in your sites that allows visitors to copy and paste your infographics to their own blog posts, giving your site valuable backlinks. Truth is, a lot of SEOs focus too much on links that are gotten from anchor texts, but undermine the opportunity to generate backlinks via infographics.

Another sure-fire way infographics helps to boosts sites rankability is with the aid of image search. Did you know that image search is a separate Google search channel and can be used to drive website traffic?

If you check the SERP for a particular keyword, you would see that it contains an image block that can be used to get extra clicks.

Another way infographics affects SEO is by boosting a websites social media signal. Social media signals tell search engines that your content is valuable to users on other platforms other than the search engine. It increases the trust that the search engine has for content and can cause the content to jump SERP positions.

One social media signal that is valuable in retrospect is Social media engagement. How wells does users relate with your content? How many shares does your articles get on other social media platforms like facebook and twitter? If there is a boost on visitor social media engagement, it would reflect positively on your rankings.

Well all these benefits starts with the tendency for your content to be shared. With infographics, a blog owner can make his content to be sharable.

Other ways infographics affects SEO

It is an effective marketing tool

Infographics are an essential social media marketing tool that is used by marketers for boosting sales.

There is a reason why there is growing popularity about infographics; and it is that people tend to be more interested in visual content that plaint text information. This implies that the best approach to digital marketing is to use infographics to target larger audiences.

Infographics Helps in spreading your brands awareness

Infographics can be used to share very important information about your brand, its product solution and other services through the medium of super engaging visual content. When you create infographics in a correct way, the visual content can help as an effective communication tool that would be used to describe your brand. Infographics does not only boost the awareness of a brand, but also increases its website traffic by a significant percentage.

It is used in creating inbound marketing opportunities

Visual content can be used to create inbound marketing opportunities. With the proper use of charts, tables, pictures and graphs, you can become an expert in exploiting infographics for your brands productivity.It is important to note that whatever content that you are providing in your infographics should be relevant to your target audience.

How Your Brand Can Use Infographics to Create the Perfect Message

If you are new to infographcis, then you should know that is it a tool that can make a dull subject matter to become very interesting and captivating. It is one of the most potent digital marketing approaches to brand or product promotion through content.

Infographics is a tool that is used to break content down to digestible bits, so that a brand can be able to pass their message to their audience easily. lets say you want to create content about “Tecno Pop 4“, with Infograhics you can create a direct message rather than overwhem your audience with long chunk of texts.

Here are some actionable ways to use infographics to pass a message across to brands.

Gives your content a unique Twist

Infographics is used to make your content to be engaging by given it a deeper plot that plain text does. With a unique twist to your content, you are sure to get the attention of your target audience. For instance, employing the use of a chart or a graph to show statistical information can greatly gain the interest of your audience.

With infographics, you would not overwhelm your audience with information that is Extraneous

Always bear in mind that overwhelming a viewer with too much information at a time is not a good idea. It would make the website visitors to sometimes lose interest in the content. With the extensive use of images and designs to better elaborate content, you would be able to make your data easy to understand.

In this modern world, users usually prefer to look at short content that is easy to understand. Truth is, people do not usually read content any more, they usually skim through content.

Infographics Helps to keep your message bold and creative

The major goal of content creation should be to be able to create content with at touch of creativity. For example, one can create content with the help of shapes and images, then place some words to emphasize the message that is being passed across to the users.

Used in Making your Text Minimal

A page that is filled with words can sometimes remove the interest that users have for your content. Try to make your content more minimal with little use of words. One can use infographics to get the attention of website visitors and given them the information they seek in a minimal way.

 Do not forget to add sharing buttons

In a bid to get your message across to a large audience, it is pertinent that you add sharing buttons, as this would allow website visitors to share your content on pinterest, twitter and Facebook.

Also ensure that your sharing buttons are easy to use and don’t have any complications in its functionality.

Why Infographics are still Effective in digital Marketing

Infographics are simply a combo of pictures and words that help a content creator in describing messages with ease. So here is the big deal, infographics are an effective tool for presenting content in a pleasant manner and still sustain the attention of readers.

When a content creator combines infographics with other web elements, there are high chances that the content would rank high in search engines.

It is with the aid of infographics that topics that appear to be difficult can be digested easily.



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