How Does Reconstructive Surgery Improve Your Eye’s Appearance?

How can you improve how your eyes look? Besides vision, your eyes also contribute to your overall appearance. You can use different ways to improve and better your appearance, including the most basic ones, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and drinking more water.

You can also restore your eye’s appearance through cosmetic treatments. Houston ophthalmologist Justina Taube, MD, offers various eye-related procedures to make you look better and improve your self-confidence. Kindly call the Elite Wellness Resort today to schedule your consultation.

Reconstructive surgery is among the procedures Dr. Taube offers to correct a variety of factors affecting your eyes and facial appearance. Usually, before deciding on a procedure, Dr. Taube checks your health history and considers your concerns and expected results.

What is reconstructive surgery?

It is a surgical procedure to treat injuries related to your orbital bones, eyelids, or tear duct system using modern techniques. The renowned ophthalmic plastic surgeon is one of a kind in this area of specialization. Dr. Taube is highly experienced and guarantees excellent results.

What conditions does reconstructive surgery treat?

You can benefit from reconstructive surgery if you have the following issues:

  •         Eyelash abnormalities
  •         Blocked tear ducts
  •         Drooping eyelids
  •         Styes
  •         Abnormal tear draining
  •         Trauma to the tear duct system
  •         Turned out eyelid (ectropion)
  •         Tumors
  •         Turned in eyelids (entropion)
  •         Fractures
  •         Thyroid-related eye disease
  •         Cuts and lacerations

Reconstructive surgery can also benefit you if you have an eye socket injury from an accident.

How to prepare for reconstructive surgery?

Your provider at the Elite Wellness Resort determines if you are ideal for the procedure by conducting a thorough exam, evaluating your past health history, and discussing your treatment goals. It is advisable to tell your provider of any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

It would help if you also told her about any underlying medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Letting your provider know about your issues will help her lower the risks of complications.

What to expect from reconstructive surgery?

At the Elite Wellness Resort, Dr. Taube offers patient-centered care where she creates a personalized treatment for every patient to address their specific concerns.

Like in the case of drooping eyelids, your provider will perform eyelid surgery to correct your vision. The treatment occurs by removing the excess skin.

Dr. Taube combines reconstructive surgery with an eye implant in the case of a lost eye. She removes the eye and the tissue around it and uses a prosthesis as a replacement.

How safe is reconstructive surgery?

The procedure is safe and occurs under anesthesia to enhance comfort. Your provider provides after-treatment care instructions to enhance quick recovery.

Reconstructive surgery helps restore the injured part’s appearance and enhance its function. Your provider first conducts a comprehensive exam to determine if the procedure will benefit you. Dr. Taube designs your treatment depending on your specific needs.

Suppose you have an eye-related issue that you wish to improve, Dr. Taube can help you. She is an ophthalmologist expert with invaluable experience that guarantees exceptional outcomes. Consider reaching out to her at The Elite Wellness Resort today to schedule your consultation.


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