How do you choose high bay LED lights?

Lumens are more important to look for in high bay light. You may have high wattage, but you may not get the best light if your lumen is closed, such as 100 watts, 150 watts, 240 watts and hefty 300 watts.

What is LED High Bay Light?

LED High Bay Light is a special light designed to illuminate large areas with additional ceilings. It creates illumination over a long range, focuses more on direct sunlight than conventional thematic incandescent fixtures, and increases visibility.

High bay lighting uses to illuminate areas above the ceiling ground and around 40ft that can be more than 20ft. Also, for these lights to work effectively from this height, their HPS / MH bulbs require specially engineered reflectors and lens angles for LED high bay. Following the requirements of occupational protection and health administration, popular workplace lighting must be at least 10ft-tall. Conventional work regions include system stores, electrical system rooms, carpentry stores, lofts, device rooms, warehouses, etc. Thus, for widespread work regions, it is recommended to boom the height of the Lepro High Bay. You can also check here to know more about different types of lights at

Advantages of LED High Bay Lighting:

In the world of lighting, the high bay is a fixture that you may find in any substantial open area, consisting of a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a health club, or an enormously high ceiling.

Energy saving

Energy-saving is the number one driving force behind high bay LED should evaluate lighting fixtures to your comfort. Typical watts for LED excessive bay furnishings variety from 95W to 495W. If you assess this wattage with a standard HID high bay fixture, it will range from 175 to 1000W. By switching to LED lighting, you can immediately reduce your power intake by way of forty% -60%.

Reduce Maintenance prices

You can reduce your renovation costs by converting HID into high bay led lighting prices for upkeep; the LED mild output decreases very slowly through the years. As a result, the practical lifestyles of an LED product may be drastically more extended than that of an HID lamp, substantially decreasing the desired protection prices.

For example, converting traditional 400W HID to LED, a standard building with soft commercial furnishings can save up to $5341 in three years on upkeep charges by you.

Light performance

The overall performance of light fixtures is an essential factor for passing individual form lights. High bay LED light uses a multi-point design, which distributes their light and energy evenly. In addition to the equal distribution of light, the LED must have several CCTs, and the resulting “brightness” will be very nicely visible. By comparison, HID light creates a “bright spot” without delay at the bottom of the fixture as the space between the fixtures increases and the light level decreases drastically.

How to install LED high bay lights:

  • When installing or changing an industrial high bay add-on, be sure to stay in the power-off state first.
  • Install the pendant chain first, where the high bay light wants to be mounted. Usually, the accessory pendant can be with the chain hook, and you need to make sure that it can carry 10 kg. Through the light parameters, you can see that the total weight of your extra bay mild is now not more than five kg. Different bay light is usually more delicate than others on the market. It simply saves you shipping costs and, at the same time, reduces your storage costs.
  • Connect the power cable from the online website to Excessive Bay Light Strength Supply Twin. Please note the adaptation between the enter voltage and the excessive bay light when connecting the power supply. Attach it neatly in step with grounding principles, water-resistant and at the same time insulating remedy. In addition, high bay lights include exceptional water-resistant performance, but when installing additional bay lights, you also need to withdraw the water-resistant wires simultaneously.
  • Turn on the power and make sure the extra bay light can work usually.


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