How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Oral Health and Appearance

Missing teeth and tooth gaps can facilitate bacteria growth and bone loss, affecting oral health. If you have missing teeth, your facial tissues will naturally try to fill the space, affecting your appearance. Coral Gables dental bridges can fill the space or spaces with natural-looking teeth and improve your overall smile.

A dental bridge is a better alternative to dental implants, which rely on bone density and dentures which might be time-consuming regarding hygiene and maintenance.

How can dental bridges improve your oral health and appearance?

Dental bridges will restore your smile by filling the space, facilitating chewing, and speaking properly. You can benefit from bridges in the following ways:

Prevent gum disease

Dental bridges prevent gum disease by filling the empty spaces in your mouth. If you have missing teeth, your teeth might shift to fill the space, leading to misaligned teeth. It can be difficult to clean misaligned teeth because of empty pockets that might facilitate the growth of bacteria.

Replacing missing teeth will ensure your gums stay healthy by avoiding infections and inflammation, which can be painful.

Prevent bone loss

Your jawbone can deteriorate if you don’t use it regularly. Chewing your food is a form of exercise for your jawbone that keeps it healthy and strong. If you are missing a tooth or more, your jawbone does not get the much-needed exercise, weakening and deteriorating.

After a dental bridge installation, the new tooth will strengthen your jawbone through chewing, stimulating your jawbone’s growth.

The artificial teeth look natural

While missing teeth can affect your confidence because people might constantly be looking at you, dental bridges can help rectify that. Dental bridges will give your dental system teeth similar to your natural ones. It will be challenging for other people to point out your new teeth.

How to care for your dental bridges

Your dental bridges require care just like your normal teeth. Paying attention to your dental hygiene routine and nutrition needs is important. While dental bridges usually last around seven years, they can last up to ten years with proper care. Use the following tips to care for your bridges:

Brush your teeth and floss daily    

Your doctor will recommend brushing and flossing twice daily or after every meal. Brushing will ensure the removal of food particles and prevent bacteria growth. When cleaning your teeth, avoid using a lot of pressure on your dental bridge but clean them gently and firmly.

Avoid chewing non-food items

Your teeth’s core function is to chew food and help with speech, but others might use their teeth to open bottle tops, damaging their oral health. You should also avoid ice chewing, which can damage your teeth and lead to tooth sensitivity.

If you are missing one or more teeth, visit Gables Sedation Dentistry for dental bridge installation. Before offering individualized treatment, your dentist and staff will evaluate your teeth and gums to check for infections or other issues. Call or book your appointment online today to improve your oral health.


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