How Custom Orthotics Prevent and Correct Foot Problems

Foot problems can affect your mobility, consequently interfering with your ability to perform your daily activities. Hudson Valley Foot Associates offer custom orthotics Wappingers Falls to prevent and correct foot issues, enabling you to live a fulfilling life. Custom orthotics use state-of-art technology to relieve foot discomfort and pain associated with wounds, injuries, and structural problems.

How podiatrists diagnose foot problems

During your Hudson Valley Foot Associates appointment, your provider discusses your symptoms and thoroughly examines your feet. They may also check for deformities and tenderness in the painful areas. You may also have to perform specific activities and walk around to determine the positioning of your feet during particular exercises. The team may also conduct additional tests which indicate exactly where your feet touch the ground and the irregularities in the functioning and structure of your feet.

Additionally, they may recommend imaging tests like MRI, X-ray, or bone scan to detect any form of damage, injury, or arthritis. Afterward, they educate you about the available treatment options before developing a customized treatment plan which may include orthotics. Hudson Valley Foot Associates experts customize shoe inserts and orthotics to correct your feet issues, allowing you to walk comfortably.

When to consider getting custom orthotics

Anyone can benefit from custom orthotics. Many people experience foot problems at one point in their lives and tolerate the pain, ignorant of the available orthotics that can ease their pain and restore their ability to enjoy life. Hudson Valley Foot Associates recommends orthotics to prevent or correct problems such as shin pain, flat feet, dropped metatarsal, arthritis, corns and calluses, leg cramps, and high arches. Even if you don’t have ankle or foot problems, your doctor may recommend orthotics if you have an uneven weight distribution or signs of uneven gait. Additionally, custom orthotics are excellent for diabetic foot care as they prevent the deterioration of foot wounds.

Available forms of orthotics

After diagnosis, your doctor may show you the available forms of orthotics before recommending the best choice. Functional or rigid orthotics are made from carbon or plastic fiber. They are excellent for dress or walking shoes with low heels and closed toes. This type of orthotic is meant to ease foot strains, aches, and pain in your lower back, legs, and thighs. Accommodative or soft orthotics, on the other hand, consist of soft compression materials. It relieves pressure from sore or uncomfortable spots from medical conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers and plantar fasciitis. Due to their bulkiness, your provider may recommend wearing soft orthotics with prescription footwear.

How orthotics work

Once your custom orthotics 52av are ready, you will have to visit the practice for a fitting appointment to ensure they fit perfectly. All custom orthotics at Hudson Valley Foot Associates have a one-year warranty which covers repairs and adjustments during the first year. For children under 18, the practice offers a two-year out-grow coverage during which you can purchase replacement orthotics at a special discount.

Call the Hudson Valley Foot Associates office or book your spot online to try out custom orthotics.


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