How Alcohol is destroying lives day by day?

Drinking alcohol is even more harmful if the body absorbs and metabolizes a large amount of alcohol at the same time, causing the liver to overload. Women who drink alcohol are often at a higher risk of liver damage, because women’s bodies are often smaller than men, and the rate of absorption and metabolism of alcohol is also slower. Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is providing the facilities of detoxification of the whole body. But first know how alcohol is harmful for your body.

– For the mouth:  Mucous membranes irritate alcohol in the oral cavity and raise the risk of mouth and throat cancer at high alcohol levels.

            – For the stomach:  Without taking part in the same digestion as food, tiny molecules of alcohol can enter the lining of the stomach. Alcohol flows straight into the bloodstream when the stomach is empty. In foods with a high protein content, in particular, the stomach slows but does not stop the pace of alcohol absorption. Carbonate may be combined with alcohol in beverages to speed up the absorption of alcohol. If the alcohol and gastric juice concentration are high, there is a rise in the mucosal irritation, and the body has to relieve the irritation by vomiting. Alcohol in the empty stomach regularly might cause ulcers and bleeding in the stomach. 20 percent alcohol is absorbed by the stomach into the bloodstream and 80% (resting alcohol) is absorbed by the small intestine into the bloodstream.

            – For the circulatory system:  when entering the blood, alcohol is transported throughout the body, dilating blood vessels, bringing a greater blood flow to the surface of the skin (redness), a temporary feeling of warmth, the body loss of heat, low blood pressure.

            – For the brain:  when it reaches the brain, alcohol immediately affects the body’s ability to control behavior and functions: the change depends on the increase in blood alcohol concentration: The judgment ability decreases, decreased dexterity, loss of behavioral control.

            – For the kidneys:  alcohol acts as a diuretic: alcohol increases urine formation. Drinking alcohol will make you urinate more often causing dehydration and thirst.

            – For the lungs:  alcohol is in a gaseous state, can be inhaled into the lungs and from there will quickly enter the bloodstream.

Many studies have shown that, if you drink too much and drink it in time, it can cause diseases: fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

– Fatty liver: This is the accumulation of fat in liver cells, which occurs in people who drink a lot of alcohol. It is also the earliest stage of alcoholic liver disease. At this stage, if you stop drinking alcohol, the liver cells can recover; otherwise it will go to the hepatitis stage.

– Alcoholic hepatitis: can range from mild to severe. Mild form usually has no symptoms, if any, just abnormal liver enzymes in the blood. In severe form, patients often show symptoms such as fatigue, jaundice, sometimes pain in the liver.

– Alcoholic cirrhosis: is a condition in which liver tissue becomes fibrous, changes in structure and gradually loses function. At this stage, the patient’s condition is already at an alarming level, if not giving up alcohol, it can be life-threatening. Complete cirrhosis can lead to more serious diseases such as liver failure and especially liver cancer. In clinical practice, it is found that 70-80% of liver cancers develop on the background of cirrhosis.

All toxins entering the body must be detoxified, and the only way is to metabolize it in the liver. Therefore, it can be said that the liver is the organ that carries all the toxins of the body. Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai can help you to detoxify the body.


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