Here’s Why You Should Have Your Own Managed Services Provider

You’re running a business, and you have specific technology needs, whether it’d be external communications, protecting proprietary information or an e-commerce solution.

But here’s the thing: you’re tired of hiring and keeping IT experts. Not to mention hiring IT staff is more expensive, and technologies are becoming complex.

The good news is, a managed services provider can handle your ICT infrastructures as much, if not more, than your typical IT people. Here are four reasons we can agree on.


The exceptional cost-effectiveness of partnering with managed services providers is one of the most compelling reasons to do so. Yes, you can save money on operational expenditures, capital budgets, and IT operating costs by using managed services.

Usually, MSPs use a subscription-based model, in which clients pay a year or monthly rates for services. This way, you can plan and determine if you can stay within your budget.

Also, clients obtain a service level agreement (SLA) that is tailored to their specific needs. It means that you can manage hardware and software more efficiently, boost productivity, and lower the total cost of application ownership.

Yes, you’ll only pay for the services you need rather than for expensive bundles that include unnecessary services.

Focus More on Core Business Operations

As you know, employees may be required to take on an ever-expanding field of IT responsibilities that lie outside their initial roles, especially as the company matures. As a result, employees may find it more difficult to focus on their primary job activities.

But having the assistance of a managed services provider, for instance, Quorum systems, helps technical and non-technical personnel better manage their time and increase job efficiency. Of course, this includes focusing more on revenue-generating and innovative activities.

You’re now free of distraction from technological issues!

Enhanced Vendor Management

In dealing with vendor issues, a managed services provider ensures that any problems the company encounters are quickly identified and remedied. Yes, MSPs will be the primary point of contact for third parties.

If you prioritise MSPs to coordinate with vendors, you won’t risk employees who haven’t worked with every type of vendor overwhelmed or unprepared.

Vendor coordination is like a balancing act, and MSPs are great artists of their craft; outsourcing them is a perfect choice. It streamlines operations and avoids burdening an employee with a duty that is best left to subject matter experts.

Scalable Solutions

Scalability is critical to supporting corporate growth and development, given the rapid pace of technical improvements and that firms must scale resources up or down on demand.

Of course, as businesses grow, preparation for unanticipated challenges is critical, such as when technology demands outstrip existing resources. However, having MSPs negates the burden of the changing landscape.

A managed services provider gives support and services as needed to deal with unexpected IT issues or growth spurts.

Moreover, MSPs will also resolve their clients’ technical issues and remain responsive to their needs in the short and long run.

You have the assurance that high-quality MSPs will aggressively explore and identify improvement solutions.

You won’t have to worry about downtime or business interruptions with managed services providers, which may cost SMBs thousands of dollars. Yes, you’re saving money on salaries, hiring, and even in turnover as well!


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