Here Is All You May Want to Know About Lip Fillers

Do you wish to increase your lip size and get plumper and full-looking lips? Full lips appear attractive and can improve your overall appearance and self-esteem. You can benefit from lip fillers Homecrest to add volume to your thin lips.

Lip fillers come in different brands, including Restylane® and Juverderm®. Their results last up to 18 months. Read on to learn more about lip fillers and what you should expect during and after the procedure.

When Are Lip Fillers Necessary?

Lip fillers are dermal fillers that add to your lip volume. Usually, a lip filler contains synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is also a substance in your body. You can consider enlarging your lips if your lips get thinner with age.

Lip fillers can also correct your lip shape if you have asymmetrical issues. Your doctor may consider you a good candidate if you have good physical health and no active oral infections. Lip fillers can greatly improve your image and self-esteem.

What Do Lip Fillers Do?

Your doctor may recommend lip fillers to add and restore volume to your lips. Lip fillers do not stop natural aging but may delay more invasive lip procedures. As a result, you can have a better lip look that boosts your self-esteem.

Your lips lose volume over time due to genetics, sun damage, and smoking. Lip fillers can improve the appearance of your lips for up to 18 months. Generally, your results will depend on age and metabolism.

What Happens Before Your Procedure?

Before you undergo the procedure, your doctor may recommend an assessment session. Your doctor will assess your mental and physical conditions. You may then have to answer questions on reasons and expectations from the procedure.

Additionally, your doctor will check your existing health conditions and possible risk factors. You may have to inform your doctor about current prescriptions and supplements. Your doctor may also examine your face and take photographs of your lips for medical records.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

To start your procedure, your doctor will numb your lips with a topical anesthetic. After your lips are numb, your doctor will inject the filler into all parts of your lips. You will likely feel a pinching sensation but no pain.

Your doctor may apply ice on your lips throughout treatment to reduce bruising and swelling. Since the needle will not go deeper into your skin, you will not feel any pain. The entire injection procedure may take between half an hour and two hours.

What Can You Do As You Recover?

You may go home with swollen and bruised lips, but the symptoms will disappear within the first week. Your doctor may recommend a follow-up appointment 14 days after the injection to monitor your lips. You may need another picture during your follow-up appointment to compare the looks of your lips.

Meanwhile, you can apply ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation. You will also avoid wearing lipstick and any lip products as you recover. Additionally, drink enough water and avoid stripping from a straw.

Lip fillers use a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid to add volume to your lips. Going for lip fillers is a personal decision, possibly due to thin lips from aging and asymmetrical lips. You can also get lip fillers to smooth wrinkles developing on the side of your mouth.

However, they will not stop your lips’ natural aging and thinning over time. Also, results from your lip injections may only last a short time. You can discuss your goal with your doctor about your goal with lip fillers.


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