Have a Small Business in Aventura? You Should Know the Rental Expenses 

If you are a small business owner just getting started, you might not understand that some rent expenses are tax-deductible. Aventura, FL CPA firm, will help you understand the basics. When it comes to deducting rental expenses, small business owners should bear the following things in mind:

How is Rent Defined?

Any payment paid for the use of property that a small business does not own is referred to as rent. When the rent is for a property that the taxpayer uses for the business, it can usually be deducted as a business cost.

Purchase or Lease

Because various tax regulations apply, depending on whether the payments are for rent or for the acquisition of the property, a business must sometimes identify whether they are for rent or the purchase of the property.

Businesses must first figure out whether they’re dealing with a lease or a conditional sales contract.

Rent payments made under a conditional sales contract are not deductible.

Rent that is too High

Unreasonable rents paid by businesses are not eligible for a rental deduction. When rent exceeds the market value or a professional evaluation, it is not allowable as a deductible.

When business owners and lessors are linked, unreasonable rent is usually a problem.

It is reasonable if the rent paid to a related person is the same as the rent paid to a stranger for the same property. A related person does not have to be a family member to qualify. 

In the Home Office

If a business owner has a home office that qualifies as their central place of business, they can work from home.

Business owners who rent their house and use it as their primary place of business may potentially be eligible for a tax break.

The rent is paid in advance.

A business’s rent is usually tax-deductible in the year it is paid.

When a firm pays rent in advance, it can deduct only the portion of the rent used during the tax year, and the remainder of the payment might be deducted over time by the company.

Cancellation of a Lease

The costs of terminating a commercial lease are frequently deductible by a company.


Taxpayers have the right to pay only the amount of tax legally owed, including interest and penalties, as a reminder. They also have the right to demand that the IRS appropriately apply all taxes paid. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) is a foundational document that outlines taxpayers’ ten fundamental rights while dealing with the IRS. If taxpayers need to work with the IRS on a personal tax concern, they should be informed of their rights.


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