Halt The Aging Process and Flaunt an Energetic Look with a Neck Lift Procedure

Scarsdale neck lift is steadily gaining fame, with patients going for the dramatic lift to enhance their facial structures. The surgical treatment entails removing excess fat under your chin to give your jawline a defined, youthful appearance. A neck lift will dramatically slow down your aging process, allowing you to flaunt sharp contours for a long time. However, the procedure alone cannot give you the desired results. Your healthcare provider will advise on the additional treatments to help achieve your desired treatment results.

What should you expect from the treatment?

The entire process starts with a discussion session between you and your surgeon. The medical professional will engage you, inquiring about your medical history, your scarring tendency, overall condition of your skin, and other information he would like to know before the big day. Your doctor may also take images of your neck to study it and look at possible additional procedures, such as chin implants, that he can add to give you the best results. Before you prepare for the major treatment, your surgeon should explain the following:

  • What to expect from the treatment
  • Where you will go for the surgical procedure
  • Possible complications
  • Your options for anesthesia
  • Possible additional treatments

During the treatment

Your surgeon will administer local anesthesia and sedation medications to make you comfortable throughout the procedure. Since liposuction might be the most common procedure the medical professional will use, your surgeon will start by making small incisions behind your ears and under the chin before sapping the fat under the chin and from your jawline.

Unfortunately, liposuction might not correct all your aesthetic flaws. Therefore, your surgeon might recommend additional procedures, including dermal fillers, to give your facial features the balance they deserve. 

After the procedure

You are likely to feel tight and notice some swelling and bruising that will fade after a few weeks. You should also expect to have the medical expert remove your sutures after approximately ten days. Your recovery after the process might take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, your surgeon will give you instructions to follow, teaching you how to address the bruising, swelling, and managing any discomfort you might feel. You will also have follow-up appointments. The healthcare provider might also advise you to call him in case of unexpected changes that might need medical attention. Your first weeks after the neck lift are very crucial for your recovery. Your surgeon will advise you not to lift weights during the period, including pets and children. You might start noticing new contours on your neck around two weeks after the treatment.          

What are the possible risks you are likely to have with a neck lift?

A neck lift might also have possible risks like any other surgical process. They include:

  • Nerve injury
  • Blood clots
  • Skin loss
  • Open wounds
  • Thick scarring
  • Infection
  • Anesthetic reaction
  • Bleeding beneath your skin

Unfortunately, sometimes you might look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied about the procedure. In such an instance, the medical professional might recommend another process.

A facelift might take several weeks before you visualize optimal results. Therefore, your healthcare provider might advise you to exercise patience. Contact your surgeon immediately in case of possible changes, to minimize your risk of going for another procedure.  


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