Google Adwords: Why and when to launch Google Adwords campaign?

Do you know, there are millions of searches performed on Google every second? Maximum search results pages include Google promotions. For reaching a desirable and targeted audience, Google promotions can be an incredible successful method of gaining organic traffic to your site precisely when people are looking for the sorts of products or services your company offers.

Google Adwords work as a marketing place where organisations pay to have their sites positioned directly on the top organic search items, based on appropriate keywords. It is a pay-per-click advertising system which offers advertisers to reach people either through Google Search Network or through the Google Display Network.

Both of these approaches use PPC bidding systems, where for their ads to show to relevant audiences, advertisers bid on it but their functional factors may vary. 

For example, if any customer is searching for any local restaurant near them, then, Google Search Network will show your ads to users who are searching those intended keywords you have selected.

If you are thinking of an idea to expand or build up your business online, then, besides every social and digital marketing tool, Google ads will be an excellent approach to capture users who are at the research and buying stage of your online sales channels.

To understand it in a simpler way, instead of showing ads directly to the audiences who are actively searching your keywords to promote your ad, the work of Google Display Networks will be to display ads or banner ads on websites where your target audience will reach. Such ads help your potential customer to find your company easily. 

Why launch Google Adwords?

  • It is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic on your website with pay per click system. This allows companies to earn some direct profit from your organic Adwords campaign and it not only works for small businesses but also allows large scale businesses to earn profit by the PPC advertising system of Google. 
  • By choosing Google Adwords advertising method, you can control your expenses according to your daily maximum budget and the target audience to whom you want to reach by running this campaign. It’s always you who decide how much you are willing to spend a day on PPC. 
  • According to your budget per day then Google ad words campaign will determine your viewers screen after clicking the search button. Depending on your budget, your particular keyword will get a bid and show up on search results. Higher the bid, first will be the ranking.
  • If you want to advertise different keywords or brands or products at the same time then an Adwords campaign must be a choice because it can run numerous campaigns at the same time. This is key.
  • While running Google ad words campaign you must keep in your mind that you are targeted keywords must be appropriate and should be complementing your product.
  • To run any campaign or advertisement online with the help of marketing tools, you must decide your entire budget of the campaign. Making this decision is very important because it enables you to understand The amount of money you can use for keywords in your Google Adwords campaign.

When to launch Google Adwords campaign?

When you want the world to know what is unique about your business and you are thinking of grabbing the wider attention of customers towards your product to make more profits, then is the time to launch Google Adwords Campaign. Because it is a kind of pay-per-click campaign, you need to make sure you are ready to run and bid for keywords.

If you have recently started your business then this campaign is not for you. To dive immediately into an Adwords campaign will be an early decision.

  • To run an Adwords campaign you must look after the demand of customers. Because if your customers aren’t looking for you and your product on search engines, then, this is not for you. 
  • If your budget is way too less for marketing your business online, then Google Adwords is definitely not for you. As Google Adwords is all about PPC, you need to target the maximum cost you are willing to pay. A more competitive keyword means higher costing.
  • If you have demanding customers and your budget is also good then search for the competitive keywords your rival company is using. Collect the information about your competitors such as past activities, top keywords details and span of those as well. This will help you gain more popularity than your rivals.
  • Create Adwords when you want to generate sales by clicking the ads. Do it when your goal is not only to generate traffic but to increase sales through more visibility.


Understanding the need of an hour is a smart decision for any businessman. If you think your business is ready to gain online sales and popularity then you can choose digital marketing strategies such as Google ad words campaign to make your business work and reach a higher level. It can be confusing, irritating, and time-consuming at first but once you’ll hire someone who is an expert or you understand the strategies to generate sales with the help of ad words then you will jump above the criteria. If you still have any doubts and want to learn more about the Google ad words campaign, you can go for Digital Marketing course in Delhi.


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