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Do you know that missing one or more teeth not only affects your smile or appearance but also affects how you eat? It also affects your self-esteem and confidence. However, you do not have to keep worrying about your smile or appearance because dental dentures solve all your concerns. That is why dentures in Waterford are offered by specialists to ensure they look just like your natural teeth. The care providers use the latest dental technology to ensure your dentures feel very comfortable and look natural. Below is all you are required to learn and understand concerning dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures refer to removable replacement teeth made of nylon, acrylic resin, and metals to replace all or some of the missing teeth in your mouth. Therefore, dentures are the solution if you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth.

What are the different types of dentures?

Different types of dentures include:

 Complete dentures

They are used to replace all missing teeth in your mouth, especially if you have severely decayed or missing teeth.

 Partial dentures

Partial dentures are usually used when you still have some healthy natural teeth in your mouth. Their function is to fill the gaps restoring your ability to chew food comfortably.

  • Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are usually placed on your mouth immediately after teeth removal before complete dentures are placed. This is because complete dentures are only placed once your mouth has fully healed.

  • Overdentures

Generally, overdentures can fit over certain dental implants or missing teeth, thus providing the required stability.

What is the process like for placing dentures?

Placing dentures is typically a multi-step process that requires approximately five appointments every month. Correct placing of dentures requires both experience and skill. The initial step in placing dentures is removing any decayed or severely damaged tooth from the mouth. Before placing most dentures, the health care team ensures the mouth heals before a wax bite or taking an impression of your mouth.

Doing so ensures that the impressions taken are accurate because if they are taken immediately, they would not be accurate as your gum is usually swollen. You are then given a try in dentures to assess the proper shape, size, and color that suits you. During your final visit is when your custom-made dentures are placed.

How do you care for your dentures?

Of importance is to note that most dentures usually last for about five to seven years before requiring replacements or adjustments. However, you can increase their life by taking good care of them. Therefore, you should brush and rinse them after taking them out of the mouth to remove any bacteria and plague. Similarly, you can also prevent gum diseases by gently brushing your gums. The care providers also require you to schedule regular dental examinations to follow up. During these visits, the fit of your dentures is assessed to determine if they should be adjusted.

Not only does missing teeth affect your appearance, but it also affects how you chew and grind food in your mouth. Therefore, if you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth and you are interested in having those gaps filled, call or consult Dr. Taylor’s Family Center today. You can get started by booking an appointment online or calling their offices.


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