General and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures and what they entail

Your smile plays a vital role in how you feel about yourself as it is among the first noticeable features you have. Having a great or lousy smile can affect how you carry yourself and your self-confidence levels. This has led to the commercialization and popularization of the cosmetic dentistry sector. Mark Sutton DDS is a renowned dentist with vast experience and expertise. More about cosmetic dentistry procedures are discussed further below.

What is meant by General and Cosmetic Dentistry?

General and cosmetic dentistry involve all the aspects of medical care that medical professionals are involved in when caring for your gums, teeth, and mouth.

A general dentist is responsible for diagnosing, managing, and treating your oral needs, including root canals, gum care, veneers, crowns, fillings, bridges, and preventative care.

The basic requirements for becoming a dentist involve:

  •         Three  years or more of undergraduate education
  •         Four years of dental school
  •         Additional post-graduate education to become a dental specialist

Some dental operations involve dentists with skills as both general and cosmetic dentists. A cosmetic dentist usually deals with procedures that aim at improving your smile.

Some of the most widespread procedures performed by dentists include:

Composite Bonding

This is the repair of damaged, decayed, or discolored teeth through the use of substances that resemble the color of your tooth enamel. The tooth decay is drilled out before the composite is applied to your tooth’s surface. The tooth is then sculpted into the desired shape before curation using a high-intensity light.

This procedure effectively hides the damage to the tooth with results giving the appearance of a healthy tooth. Teeth that have been chipped, decayed, or cracked are the ones that require this treatment type.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure is the most widespread and can be performed in the comfort of your physician’s office. Tartar, plaque, and other materials are removed from each tooth’s surface, thus restoring its original appearance. A bleaching agent is applied to whiten the teeth even lighter than before.

Personal habits may cause teeth staining after a considerable period. Whitening is done to coat the tooth and can also be done at home through various bleaching kinds of toothpaste that show results within a few weeks.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are custom-made tops made from medical-grade ceramic to go over your natural teeth. They resolve a variety of dental issues as they are highly realistic. Some conditions that can be dealt with include damaged, cracked, or crooked teeth. Noticeable gaps between your teeth can also be filled as the veneers are applied using dental adhesives.

Dental Implants

These innovations are made to replace damaged or lost teeth. A tiny screw made of titanium is put where the missing tooth was to support the incoming crown. The implants are permanently secured in place once the bone and surrounding tissue are fused.

Dental procedures vary in technique depending on your service provider. A dental operation should be made after an in-depth discussion with your dentist for the best option. Check us out online or call our Cos Cob, CT offices for any dental inquiries.


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