Five Netflix Series Which Won The Hearts of The Viewers

Amid a lot of series which Netflix has thrown at its viewers, there are hardly some which could be considered as true winners. The true winners are those shows which have the caliber to impress the audience with the content they have in them. From stories, characterization, screenplay, background music to everything else that makes a show great is taken into consideration when declaring a show a hit with the viewers. Let’s take a good look at some amazing Netflix series that won the hearts of their viewers.

  1. The Last Kingdom – Before the show was acquired by Netflix, there was hardly any good historical drama which could be watched on the platform. The release of The Last Kingdom on Netflix changed that and the show found a lot of viewers praising it for the brilliancy of the craft with which it was made. The Last Kingdom Season 5 will be released soon and you must not miss it as it is certainly going to entertain you.
  2. Breaking Bad – It would be a great dishonor to this show if we do not “say its name” while talking about the shows which won the hearts of its viewers. The show which started off with Walter White as its focus quickly made us fall in love with the other characters of the series with fans particularly loving a certain character who uses the B-word a lot!
  3. Better Call Saul – It is the holy rule that whenever we would talk about Breaking Bad, we would talk about Better Call Saul. A perfect spin-off to an equal perfect series which features a major supporting character from BB taking the lead here. Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill is going to win your hearts with a certain “chicanery” scene.
  4. Narcos – The tale of a great drug lord named Pablo Escobar is explored in Narcos in detail. It has gained a great following for itself because of the acting performances from its lead cast members. The show is remembered for its crisp presentation and the exceptional performances from the supporting cast as well. There are a lot of parodies of the show available on YouTube which proves how popular it is.
  5. Grace and Frankie – The show has won many accolades for the performances of the lead cast and has been around for six seasons now. If you are a fan of comedies, then you must not skip Grace and Frankie. Grace and Frankie season 7 is about to get released and hopefully it will recreate the same magic as its predecessors.

If any of the series mentioned above have won your heart, then you must take a look at the list of top 10 Netflix series of the month in which you would be able to find other such series. The list is always getting updated and you would get a lot more options to explore. However, if you feel satisfied upon watching the recommendations written above, then you must wait for the next season of some of them because they will be equally impactful.


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