Fear of Judgment & How to Overcome it

We have all been there – noticing things that we didn’t like and keeping them inside. Sometimes, we don’t want to offend others by saying out loud what we are actually thinking. Perhaps, it is because we avoid confrontations or don’t want to be in the limelight and get judged by being the only one who felt bad about something.

That said, it has become nearly impossible to escape judgment. And depending on one’s mental caliber, people can become paralyzed with anxiety, stress, and social phobia. Fortunately, social media platforms and different websites, such as The Doe, allow people to express themselves without judging them.

It is Impossible to Escape Judgment

Have you ever noticed how good and relaxed you feel after letting out your feelings, such as anger and frustration, after having them held in for a long time? According to different studies, your mental health can boost after shedding a few tears and letting go of your emotions.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we cannot express our emotions feely out of the fear of being judged. People tend to judge each other all the time – sometimes based upon the most superficial things, such as their ethnicity, religion, and political viewpoints.

Here are some tips that will help you in overcoming the fear of social judgments:

Define Yourself on Your Own Terms

One of the greatest fears that people have today is the fear of what others are thinking about them. The biggest problem with this fear is that you allow people to affect you by letting them define who you are and what your core values are.

The truth is that there is only one person in the entire world who can define you, and that person is you! You need to have honest sessions of self-assessment by getting to know yourself. This will also enable you to take back the power that you gave people over you.

Forget about all potential thoughts that start with “what if’s” and be mindful about how you see yourself. What people think about you holds no truth as only you know your true intentions. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish in life, and keep in mind the bigger picture without paying heed to people’s thoughts and opinions.

Be Mindful About Your Thought Process

Understand one simple truth of life, and that is: no one really cares about you. The brain is wired in such a way that it looks at the world through the filter of their ego, which means that even if someone would be thinking about you and judging you, it is not even a 1% of their daily thought process.

This fact also indicates that unless you haven’t done anything that would directly affect another person’s life, they are never really going to think about you.  You might be overthinking and having assumptions about apparent judgments.


A negative thought pattern can cause us to walk on a path that induces pain and discomfort, which is why you need to be self-aware and practice mindfulness while understanding that only the present matters. The judgment of others does not matter – hence, it is time to take control of your life and live to the fullest. 


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