Family Dentistry and What It Is All About

Dental healthcare has taken less precedence compared to other forms of healthcare. This is seen by the reluctance of most insurance companies to offer dental insurance as those issues are viewed as non-impactful to your daily activities. The emergence of Springfield, VA, family dentistry services has encouraged dental health by providing personalized services with attention to detail. More about family dentistry and its benefits are discussed further below.

What does Family Dentistry involve?

This healthcare sector involves dental healthcare for most of the population’s diagnostic, preventive, and general dental care. This includes adolescents, children, and adults.

They are well-equipped with multiple tools and techniques that enhance your smile and improve dental hygiene. Some of the typical methods and procedures they perform are among the following:

Dental Veneers

Veneers are slender coverings that are put on your tooth’s front part. This is typically done for poorly shaped, crooked, or discolored teeth. These devices may lighten teeth with a gray cast or those that are yellow.

Cosmetic Fillings

Fillings are cosmetic substances comprising glass particles or composite resin made in color similar to your teeth. A bonding agent is utilized to fix the fillings onto your teeth. They resemble your natural teeth, thus enhancing your teeth’s appearance.

Dental Crowns

This dental device is made to replace the part of your tooth that can be seen. Its leading roles are restoring the original shape, strengthening, and improving your teeth’ look. They can also cover dental implants or hold dental bridges in place.


These aligners are made in a removable fashion, so they can slowly adjust your teeth to their preferred position. They are comfortable and see-through, thus straightening your teeth gradually without interference.


This device is placed between two dental crowns so they can close out the gap from missing teeth. Your implants, teeth, or both hold the devices in place. They help you enhance your appearance, making you look younger.

Dental Bonding

This method corrects issues with your teeth for a better smile. They repair decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth by applying a resin substance similar to your tooth color and hardening it with a light to bond the substance to your teeth.

Tooth Extractions

This involves removing your entire tooth from its place on the gum. This is typically necessary when your teeth have undergone too much damage for effective restoration to be possible. It may also be used to remove a set of teeth when preparing for orthodontic treatment.

Dental Sealants

These are plastic materials placed on the teeth’ contact surfaces in the back to inhibit dental decay. They are applied as a liquid and then harden to create a protective layer on your teeth.


It is typical to lose multiple teeth due to infection or accidents. Complete or partial dentures are used to replace them as they look like natural teeth.

Your smile can significantly affect your self-esteem and how you carry yourself. Being self-conscious about your smile may make you minimize how much you interact with people leading to less quality of life. For any family dentistry concerns, visit our website, or call our offices in Springfield, VA.


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