Factors That Can Affect Your Sex Drive and Their Solutions

A couple can experience a lack of sexual desire depending on different factors. Both men and women can experience Upper East Side sexual health problems and the causative factors are similar for both sexes. Your doctor can help you regain your sex drive so that you and your partner can enjoy those romantic moments.

Relationship problems

If you have problems with your partner, your mind will drift from thinking about sex. You will only focus on the problem that you are experiencing. You might want to deal with the problem before engaging in any sexual encounter.

Hormonal changes

Low hormone levels will reduce your sex drive. Men can experience low testosterone, affecting their energy levels and sexual desire, and libido. Women with decreased estrogen levels suffer from low libido, among other issues like vaginal dryness.

Your lifestyle habits

Alcoholic drinks or hard drugs can lower your libido and affect your sexual mood. Alcohol and hard drugs affect your sexual performance making it difficult to get and hold arousal.

Pregnancy and associated exhaustion

Pregnancy comes with its own set of joys and problems. While you are happy to hold your new baby, you might suffer from exhaustion, if you don’t have anyone to help you. By the time your partner wants to have sex, the only thing you want to do is sleep.

Certain medical conditions and medications

Long-term illnesses or chronic diseases can negatively affect your sex drive. Conditions like diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, and neurological disorders can remove the thought of sex from your mind. The medications used to treat these conditions might further worsen the situation.  

Treatment options

Your treatment for low sex drive will depend on the cause of the problem. Your doctor will evaluate the causative factors and offer you the best treatment approach.

Changing medication                                     

If your medication affects your sexual moods, talk to your doctor about changing them. Your doctor will discuss a different approach to treatment.

Balancing hormones

You can take hormone supplements to balance your hormones and increase your sex drive. You can also undergo hormone replacement therapy to help with the situation.

Solving your relationship problems

It’s important to talk to a counselor as a couple and resolve your relationship problems. Whatever type of problem you are going through, it is important to talk about it. Address intimacy, money issues, and even work and commitment issues. Through talking, you will identify your problems and work through them.

Dealing with sexual problems

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, you can invest in a lubricant. Talk to your gynecologist about the best product suited for you. If you are a man who has erectile dysfunction, it is important to let your doctor know and seek treatment.

If you have no sexual desire or low sex drive, visit Anna Barbieri M.D., for treatment. You will undergo extensive evaluation to ascertain the cause of your low sex drive. The specialists will offer customized treatment to help you enjoy your sexual life again. Call or book an appointment online to regain your satisfying quality of life.  


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