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Fabulous Things to Remember for A Paradise Trip to Aruba in 2022

There is no one who would not love an exotic Caribbean vacation as an escape from daily life chores. You must plan out your vacation to Aruba in such a way that you enjoy the most and have a great time with your family and friends. Aruba is a paradise destination where you will find exotic beaches and tranquility that you search in the Caribbean islands.

There is a different feel of Aruba altogether that would not want you to leave at any point. Many people head to Aruba from all over the world to see the wonderful delights that it has to offer them. The weather in Aruba is also quite impressive as the wind never stops, and island vibes will make you fall in love with it. Popular by the name of the One Happy Island, there is no other island that is known by this name as there is no match for the beauty of Aruba.

Not only are there many tourists stops but also a lot of natural attractions are there as well. The white sand beaches of Aruba are a major attraction for tourists, and the specialty of it is that even in the hottest of temperatures, the white sand does not get hot, and you can easily walk over it.

Main Facts About Aruba

Main Airport: Queen Beatrix International Airport

Languages: English, Papiamento, Dutch, and Spanish

Currency: Aruba Florin

Capital City: Oranjestad

Weather: Sunny weather with strong winds

Accommodation in Aruba

On the island, you will find various Aruba Vacation Home Rentals that will be just perfect for your stay. It depends upon your budget as there are different ranges of properties that can be found in Aruba. You can choose from the range of Aruba vacation homes according to your budget.

Due to the large variety of accommodations in Aruba, every type of traveler can get their perfect match at www.VacationAruba.com. The choice of accommodation also depends on the number of people you are traveling with like if you have a huge family, then the vacation home Aruba are a great option.

If you are fewer people, then you can choose other options. Every property has its perks and disadvantages; therefore, you should make a choice wisely as your vacation accommodation will be your home away from home for a few days.

Cuisines of Aruba

There are a variety of cuisines which you can find in Aruba. Due to the high diversity of culture in Aruba, travelers will find a blend of many cuisines on the small island. You will get your local dishes, but you must also try out other tasty cuisines.

The Aruban cuisine is one such delight, and it is a must-try if you are looking to have authentic Caribbean food. At Aruba Dining you can purchase amazing gift certificate and dinner voucher which you can avail at over 40 restaurants of Aruba. You will find amazing restaurants in Aruba where you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as fresh seafood, international dishes, and Caribbean delights.

Sightseeing Attractions of Aruba

On One Happy Island, there are a variety of sightseeing attractions to explore. One side of Aruba has all the beaches, but there is a different side to the island where you will find rugged terrains and hidden natural wonders.

Most of the tourists that come to visit Aruba often miss out on this part of Aruba as they only get lost in the beauty of the beaches that they miss on the treasures of the rugged side. You must try out the adventure sightseeing tours like the ATV, UTV, and Jeep tours that will take you to the attractions.

If you are keen on getting to know about the history of the sightseeing places and the stories, you must take a guided tour to get to know about them. You can do tons of adventurous and thrilling activities like cliff jumping, natural pool swimming, and hiking along with your sightseeing of the island. This island is a paradise for the ones who are adventure lovers.

Top Photo Spots in Aruba

Although the whole island is quite beautiful and picturesque, some of the top photo spots you should surely not miss out on.

  1. Click photos with the famous pink flamingoes. Yes, it is one of the most popular things about the island but make sure that you buy the one-day ticket to the private island where the flamingoes are kept, or else you will not be allowed to go inside or click pics.
  2. Make sure to click amazing pictures at the new natural pool as there is no such exotic place that you might find anywhere else. So, make the most of this opportunity and take tons of Instagram-worthy pics at the natural pool.
  3. The most amazing picture spot is the stairs in the sea in Aruba. Get the perfect island hues at this spot of the island, and it is a must to get a picture there if you want to take away stunning pictures of yourself when you leave the island. The pro tip here is that take a shot of you onlooking the endless sea. It will truly be a photograph that you will always cherish.

Things To Do in Aruba

1. Snorkeling

Explore the breathtaking marine life of Aruba, which is as such that you will never forget. Find exotic marine species and have the time of your life.

2. Off-roading

You will love the off-roading adventures as they are just amazing, and there is nothing like it.

3. Boat Tour

If you have come to Aruba and have not explored the Caribbean Sea, you miss out on the real fun.

4. Kayaking

You must definitely try out Kayaking to explore the famous coral reefs and pristine water of Aruba.

Here were all the top tips for a paradise trip to Aruba that will make your vacation even more top-notch. Aruba is filled with unique experiences, and you must not miss out on the chance to experience them.


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