Expert Tips to Prevent Cataracts

Your eyesight is one of the vital senses. Almost everything that you perceive comes from this sense. With healthy eyes, you minimize the chances of falls that could harm other body organs. Therefore when taking care of your overall health, your eye health should be on the top list. However, you risk developing eye conditions such as cataracts as you age. This condition causes changes in the lens which can cause vision loss. The good thing is that you can lower the chances of getting this condition. Below are tips that Cory Bergman, MD, recommends for preventing cataracts.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunlight is one of the natural sources of vitamin D essential for bone development. However, excessive sun exposure is detrimental, especially to your eye health. Over time, the harmful UV rays damage the eye lens’s protein, exposing you to blurry vision. Fortunately, wearing sunglasses outdoors can help you maintain your eye health. It would help to look for sunglasses labeled “UV 400” for optimal protection.

Stop Smoking

Many smokers do not realize the harm they are causing to their eyes until something amiss happens. Cigarette chemicals usually increase the number of free radicals in your eyes. These radicals damage lipids within the eyes, causing an accumulation of deposits around the eye lenses. This instance explains why many smokers report having a cloudy vision. If you smoke, this is the best time to follow the necessary steps to quit this habit.

Eat Right

Your food choices say a lot when it comes to cataract prevention. Certain meals like highly processed foods can trigger oxidative stress leading to cataract formation. Be sure to replace such meals with nutritious ones like fruits and vegetables. These dietary changes will help to balance antioxidants with free radicals reducing the risk of cataracts. A balanced diet will also help to prevent type 2 diabetes which is a risk factor for cataracts.

Avoid Trauma

Many people think that cataract only occurs in older adults. The reality is that traumatic cataract has no age restriction. Therefore, anyone should avoid eye injuries through appropriate preventive actions. For example, if your occupation exposes your eyes to a hazardous situation, you should consider wearing protective gear like safety goggles. Also, during your favorite sporting activities, you should talk with your coach about ways to safeguard your eyes.

Get Regular Eye Exams

Sometimes cataracts do not have noticeable symptoms in the early stages. In that case, you will feel like everything is okay until the condition gets out of hand. Therefore, it is important to seek regular eye checkups from your doctor. The early detection of the symptoms will reduce the chances of complications that could affect your eyesight. Schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist at least once after every two years.

Cataracts are among the leading eye concerns. This condition occurs when protein damage in the eye lenses leads to blurry vision. Fortunately, certain lifestyle modifications can help you lower the chances of this eye condition. For example, eating nutritious meals will help balance the free radicals that could have caused oxidative stress. Avoiding eye injuries is also recommended to prevent traumatic cataracts. Importantly, it would help to consider regular eye checkups for early detection of cataract symptoms, thus facilitating timely treatment.


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