Excellent display by NAVI at ESL Pro League Season 14 and other CS scores on the reliable website

ESL tournaments are always in demand among top teams. You can find their CS score and championship statistics on the verified website. The portal also has an informative Wiki section that allows you to study a lot of useful information about the best esports.

There were no big sensations at ESL Pro League Season 14. As an exception, it is worth noting only the poor performance of G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses. Also, Astralis didn’t play well. The legendary team is falling apart, and in the future they plan to renew the lineup. The best performance was demonstrated by NAVI. All CS:GO scores can be found on the verified information portal.

Let’s highlight the best moments for NAVI at the ESL tournament:

  1. Great group play. NAVI failed to pass the group stage without defeats. However, after that there were no sensations, and the team played in the playoffs at the highest level. You can watch CS:GO or Dota 2 live streams on the verified site in good quality.
  2. B1t performance. Valery Vakhovsky is a graduate of the NAVI academy and after joining the main squad, he significantly improved the team’s game. The young gamer already has  solid experience and good opportunities for development.
  3. S1mple is still the best. Alexander Kostylev continues to build up his power and doesn’t slow down. S1mple became one of the best players of the tournament again. The rating for the whole tournament was 1.35, the number of frags per round was 0.88, the number of rounds with more than one frag was 55.9%, and as a result the MVP of the tournament.

NAVI games in such esports as CS:GO and Dota 2 can be watched live on the verified portal. Both teams are successful, so it is always interesting to watch their gamers.

Amazing Grand Final ESL Pro League Season 14: all statistics and information about Dota 2 players on the excellent site

NAVI’s confident performance in the group continued in the playoffs. The team were very impressive this year in CS:GO, and Dota 2 players were also praiseworthy. NAVI reached the final almost without problems, but the game turned out to be extremely difficult. Team Vitality prove to be a dangerous opponent. But NAVI managed to win with a score of 3:2 in a tense finale at de_mirage.

NAVI took the first map without any problems — 16:10, and they passed de_dust2 very confidently. However, their play in the second one put a question mark on for their title ambitions as the team lost de_inferno by a devastating margin of 6:16. Interestingly, their favourite de_nuke was easy (16:11). It was extremely necessary to win, because NAVI doesn’t like to play on de_overpass, which they demonstrated in the final, losing 7:16. But the gamers passed de_mirage successfully, eventually winning the final fight. Players and fans can watch matches of CS:GO, Dota 2 and other esports on the verified statistics portal. All broadcasts are available in high quality, so they will undoubtedly delight all fans.


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