Essential Benefits of The Health Technology to The Medical Fraternity and Patients

Modern technology is highly advanced, and the application is cutting across all the sectors of life. In medicine, modern technology is of great value to the stakeholders and the beneficiaries of the technology. Modern medical technology is playing a significant role in easing the suffering of many patients and helping doctors make a more accurate diagnosis.

WHO defines health technology as “The application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of medicines, devices, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of life.”

1. Use of Fast Modern Lab and Imaging Equipment

Modern technology has dramatically affected the way doctors perform medical procedures. In the contemporary world, the use of laboratory facilities and imaging tools is very high. Most doctors would prefer you undergo a simple lab test or an imaging diagnosis procedure before giving you medication. These changes introduce more reliable and accurate state-of-the-art medical technology equipment found in Intermountain Medical Imaging.

2. Medical Equipment Provide Accurate results

Results obtained from modern medical equipment are more detailed and accurate; thus, they are an essential factor in the diagnosis process. The doctors consequently can make better judgments based on accurate information. The brief analysis and precise information make patients have more confidence with the medical procedure. The use of complex technologies such as CT scans, MRI, robotics, artificial organs has brought about solutions that would otherwise seem impossible.

3. Simple to Use Home Use Medical Gadgets

The use of even simpler technologies has also been highly appreciated, such as using glucometers to monitor sugar levels at home. The use of simpler technology has brought medical devices to the houses, making many patients’ lives simpler and safer since it’s easy to do self-monitoring. As a result, many people are well, and many have had a reason to live a better life.

4. Tracking of Prescriptions

One of the significant technological advancements in the field of pharmacy is the tracking of prescriptions. The systems can update patient’s transcriptions over time, thus making it easy for the doctors to monitor their patients’ health.

5. Automated Dispensing Units

The automated drug dispensing cabinets are accurate and keep track of the distribution of medicine. The pharmacists, therefore, have more time with their patients rather than taking time organizing prescriptions.

6. Smart Medication Reminders

There are devices in the market that can remind patients of their dose intake. The gadgets make it easy for the patients to remember to take their dosage at the right time.

7. Integration of electronic Medication with Bar Code Technology

Medical systems integrate with bar code systems to ensure the patients receive the intended medication without errors. Some barcode systems are rich in information to the extent they generate drug-related information when scanned.

8. E-prescribing

Allows doctors to prescribe drugs to a serving pharmacy without using paperwork. The advanced e-prescribing system can update and monitor patient’s prescriptions. The e-prescribing system is also able to give more details about the drug to the subscriber.

9. Electronic Sign-out and Handover Tools

 Electronic sign-out involves passing patient information from one team of caregivers to another, for example, when a shift ends and another team takes over. This ensures staff omits minimal information from one session to another.


Modern technology has changed the way patients perceive medical institutions and their staff. Medical practitioners can now have more time with their patients due to the time saved by modern technology. Due to advanced medical technology, life-saving procedures have become common. With remote monitoring tools and wearable devices, it has become easy for patients to monitor their health. Attending hospital care is no more a nightmare; hospitals have become top-notch service providers due to embracing modern technology. 


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