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Equipments needed in the kitchen

Making a kitchen will have various components in the kitchen, which in the construction of a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน must take into account the elements. Necessary to use in the kitchen by the equipment used in the kitchen are as follows.

5.2.1 Stove

There are many types of cooking stoves that are used today, such as gas stoves, electric stoves, ovens, and microwave ovens.

The operation of these hob is convenient, quick and clean. Quick disabling on demand There is not much soot and smoke. However, when using with all types of stoves, safety precautions must always be taken. For gas stoves, which are commonly used in general, there is a gas storage tank as another component. The placement of gas stoves must be thought of as a gas storage tank. Do not place the gas tank on the ground or on the wet ground for a long time because the tank can corrode.

5.2.2 Hood

A hood is another essential accessory in the kitchen. Because it will be a device that helps vent smoke and food odors away from the kitchen. Therefore, we should have a plan at the time of the construction of the house รับสร้างบ้าน as to where to put the drain pipe from the hood out of the way.

In cooking, there must be soot and various smells from food. To prevent this, this may be solved by installing a range hood that can absorb both the smell and the fumes of the food. There are generally two types of hoods:

Chimney type hood Connecting this chimney must also look at the suitability of the location whether there is a place for the chimney or not. Have to plan to walk the flue in the first place. This type of hood looks bulky and is not suitable for confined spaces.

Internal circulation hood This type of cooker hood is compact and beautiful. The design will match the gas stove as well. convenient installation Can be installed together with the floating cabinet at all. When cooking, just press the switch to make the machine work. and turn on the blue switch to make the stove bright suitable for cooking while cooking smell and the smoke will rise up high will be sucked out of the front of the stove immediately And will be eliminated by an aluminum filter panel (Aluminum Filter) and a charcoal filter (Charcose Filer) located at the bottom of the machine. It has the property of capturing oil. Filters odors and fumes from food When used for a period of time, it must be cleaned by removing both types of filter panels. and wipe the area with oil stains In addition, the hood also helps to get rid of the smell and black soot around the stomach as well.

5.2.3 Sink

It is a place to wash utensils and food that are necessary. and very important in cooking The installation of the sink must be convenient for the actual work while washing, for example, there is a place to place the containers to be washed. And after washing, there is a place for drying the abortion before collecting it for viewing. The sink should be placed in an area where natural wind blows easily. This will make this area not too wet. This basin area has both bile ducts and sewer pipes. There may be water leakage. cause moisture and mold Eventually it will continue to corrode. In designing cabinets or containers for this area, ventilation must be taken into account.

5.2.4 Refrigerator (Refrigerator)

The placement of the refrigerator must be convenient for use at all times. It should be placed away from parts that will receive heat, such as on the sunny side or near the stove. And should be placed at least 0.10 meters away from the wall because the heat at the back of the refrigerator will be able to drain quickly. There are many types and sizes of refrigerators to choose from.

5.2.5 Storage cabinet (Cabinet)

Kitchen cabinets are essential cabinets. Because there are many items in the kitchen, both small and large. Storage must be organized and easily accessible. It is categorized as a group of applications. Kitchen items such as rice pots, casseroles, pans, basins, spoons, forks, knives, cups, bowls, etc. The size of the cabinet should be the size that can be stored completely and appropriate to the size of the items such as pots and pans. There is a bowl overturner. Safe cutlery, easy-access spoon and fork storage. Dry food storage must be ventilated.

Preparation or design of kitchen cabinets May be made in the form of both storage and storage on the back of the cabinet. and can also be used as a food preparation with a low cabinet for storing large items and a floating cabinet for storing small items, as well as a storage for ready-to-eat food.

Because the kitchen is the place to cook. There must be dirt from cooking, food scraps, moisture from using water to wash food and various utensils. Cooking will have soot and smoke. And other dirt occurs in the kitchen a lot, should choose a material that can be easily wiped clean, does not absorb stains. And can withstand the pressure and heat in the kitchen.

5.2.6 Food preparation part (Pantry)

The food preparation section has the characteristics of use and the furniture needed to be similar to the kitchen, but smaller than the arrangement of the food preparation area. with cabinet or counter main factor This area will be the preparation of light meals and drinks. Some will serve as a place to rest or to prepare food from the kitchen to be delivered to the dining table again. This food preparation section consists of a bar counter. used lockers Refrigerator for storing food and beverages Sinks and some may even have a stove to warm food.

5.3 The distance of the placement of furniture in the kitchen


Chapter 5 The kitchen is a room that is very complicated to use. Because of the cooking method, there are many things involved. Designers should have studied what is required for cooking. Study the size and nature of use. as well as different positions or distances that are suitable for use To provide convenience, flexibility and no danger while cooking. as well as planning to prevent odors and smoke from cooking


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