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If you are searching for a pet that will keep you company in the future, then you’ll love the Emo Robot. This AI Pet Robot has many qualities of a pet animal, such as the ability to recognize faces and sense the environment. Its design makes it an excellent choice for people who are unable to maintain a normal relationship with a pet. It can make over a thousand different expressions, and it has a range of sensors that let it know when you need it most.

Emo is equipped with a wide array of sensors and can recognize up to ten objects. Its programmable features enable it to act on its surroundings and respond accordingly. For instance, when you are walking along a street and you encounter an Emo robot, you can shout “Hey Emo” and it will look over at the person to see whether they are alone or in a crowd. Once triggered, Emo will sing a Christmas song or a Revolt song, based on its surroundings. The firmware update also includes a new feature called “Animat Act”, which lets you command Emo to do different things.

Aside from its fun personality, the EMO robot is a fantastic desktop companion. It’s fun to play with and has a keen eye for detail. With over 1,000 facial expressions, this Emo Robot will become a valued member of your family or friends. This robot will make you smile, laugh, and feel good, and it will make a great desktop companion for anyone with a computer. This is a great option for anyone looking for a pet.


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