DrChrono EHR Review – How Does the Implementation Work?

DrChrono EHR Review

Switching EMR can be a tedious process. There’s a lot of research that goes into the process, and there’s a lot to learn. However, one undertaking that practices may ignore is the implementation process. In this DrChrono EHR review, we will be discussing what it takes to implement the software and how you can prepare.

About DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono is a medical software provider that first came into being in 2009. Since then, the software developer has created solutions that practice can use to tackle efficiency and care in a two-pronged approach. DrChrono works with practices of all sizes and across specialty settings. The software complies with regulations to create a customizable solution.

The network DrChrono provides allows practices to connect thousands of labs and imaging centers. Additionally, it helps doctors prescribe medications online in the safest and most risk-free way. The software works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

A DrChrono EHR demo is available for practices looking to switch on their EHR services. The demo allows you to see the navigation and features of the software for yourself. It also comes with an expert who can answer your questions regarding the demo and broader software features.

Finally, you must be wondering about the price tag attached to the software. The DrChrono EHR price sits between $50 to $500 a month for each provider. The final quote you get will depend on factors like the number of users and features you choose.

Why Do I Need this DrChrono EHR Review?

When you decide to switch to new software, you prepare. You may be prepared to start using the features, budget the cost, and change the workflow. What you may miss during this process is preparing for implementation. The purpose of this DrChrono EHR review is to familiarize you with what to expect when you start with DrChrono.

The great news is, you are investing in a good contender. The software you opted for has been created to be easy to understand, customize, and implement.

What Should I Expect During the Implementation Process?

Let’s get started on what to expect during your DrChrono software implementation.

Starting Onboarding

You’ve done your research. You’ve gotten a demo, read the pricing, even read a DrChrono EHR review here and there, and you made a decision. Once you reach out to the vendor and decide on using DrChrono as your EMR software, the first step is to sign a contract. This officially begins onboarding.

This process involves a lot of communication between you and DrChrono. You will set up the expectations from the software and the relationship, and decide what the goals are. This is also when the software provider will let you know what they need from you to start implementation. The next step is to start training.

Over a period of time during meetings, you will be given information about how to use the software. For example, an expert may guide you about the ways that you can use DrChrono to schedule patient visits. Once you are confident that you know how to use the software, the provider will connect you to a point of contact.

The Implementation Process

When you start the process of implementation, the first thing to keep in mind is, when you can start. It takes time to transfer information to a new platform, and so it is essential that you prepare beforehand. At this time, you may still have access to some features.

When you’re using DrChrono, the implementation can between 30 and 60 days until you can fully use the software. Using the right training, you can use the software immediately to some extent. Learning to use the software will inevitably require a learning curve from your and your staff. You need to be prepared to learn the tricks and give time to staff to learn too.

A great rule of thumb is to interact with your point of contact in this process. The expert from DrChrono can guide you best around what you need to do. The more information is shared between these two parties, the smoother the implementation can be.

Issues You Might Face During Implementation

Next up in this DrChrono EHR review, we will be tackling the issues that you might face in the process of implementation. Staying mindful of these issues beforehand though can be key to seamless implementation and transition.

One main issue that practices can sometimes face regards integrations. Often you will be using a number of different apps and features. It is therefore important to communicate the features you will need to be integrated during the early meetings. This will help your onboarding and implementation team prepare for the integrations expected.

Transferring data from an old EHR to a new one may not be as easy as it looks. A good rule of thumb is to do your research early on about how the software works with data conversion. A great time to do this is during meetings to discuss your contract. You should be aware of the amount of data needed to be converted and transferred to your new EHR.

Another essential factor to consider is how to tackle billing. Sometimes, practices make the mistake of assuming billing software is all you need for professional financial services. In order for an integrated EHR and billing software from DrChrono to work, someone on your team should have a background in billing. They may also need credentials to back that up.

DrChrono EHR Review – Final Note

What has been outlined above in the DrChrono EHR Review was a few tips to make your EHR transition smoother. The crux of making that happen is good communication between you and your provider. Luckily, when you use DrChrono, You can easily create contact with a professional team of specialists.



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