Does hefty Furniture Dent Vinyl plank Flooring?

Despite having excellent durability, there are still some contradictions in placing heavy furniture.

No doubt, vinyl planks look beautiful in any place. They are both high-quality and cheap. In addition, it is cheaper than wood. They are cheap, which doesn’t mean that you need to replace the floor every once in a while. However, it mainly depends on the care and cleaning. Keep in mind; these floors can last for up to 20 years. If you protected the ground against dents and scratches, it would be helpful.

Also, all of us have heavy furniture such as beds and wardrobes in our homes. These heavy elements might cause severe damage. However, we are here today with essential tips and tricks. They are to maintain the floor so that it can last longer without any dents and scratches. 

Vinyl plank flooring and home furniture 

Perhaps, furniture can cause dents in the floors. Moreover, it can cause scratches and marks too. No doubt it is an easy to clean floor. Also, it needs little maintenance. Indeed it is highly durable as well as waterproof. If you are looking for some resilient flooring, this is one of the ideal choices despite high durability. Again these floors are susceptible to developing scratches. So, to protect the bottom, there is a need to deal with the furniture carefully.

Tips and tricks to protect vinyl plank flooring

Given below are a few fantastic tips to protect these floors by vinyl plank flooring store. By following these easy tips, you can minimize the chances of scratches.

Tip #1:

Always take off your shoes outside the home. You can place them in the mudroom or at the doorstep. No doubt, shoes contain a lot of dirt and debris. So, such elements can cause scratches on the floor. Moreover, pointed shoes and heels can also cause dents on the floor.

Tip #2

Be careful while you are moving furniture over the floor. Never rub the table. Instead, try to lift it. Gently locate the items. However, you can use your legs and knees to avoid injuries.

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Tip #3

To avoid dents from furniture, you can invest in furniture sliders. For instance, you can buy a felt slider. They are mainly designed to protect the wood floors. Well, they cushion the legs and help in easy sliding. If you are randomly sliding the furniture, it can cause serious dents. You can get aboard pad if you are not willing to use area teapots.

Tip #4

If you have furniture items, those have their wheels. You can use the furniture casters. They will help in keeping all the furniture in place. Moreover, it protects the floor from gouging. As they can have repeated and unwanted movement, there they are vitals to protect the floor. 

Tip #5

For further protection, you can buy doormats. Please make sure that the doormats are of high quality and they are heavy-duty too. Doormats carry a lot of asphalt, dirt, dust, and chemicals. They can damage the floor’s shine. For this reason, make sure your mats have high durability. So, they can beat all the worst enemies easily. They can help in having better floors. 

Tip #6

Protect vinyl plank flooring by investing in area rugs. Area rugs add warmth and personality. Moreover, they make the space more attractive. If you are looking for some beautiful area rugs, you can read the rug buying guide. Rugs add a unique flair. With excellent designs, you can add more value to your place. Well, you can place wool, cotton, jute, or any other rug. It mainly depends on your choice and needs. 

Tip #7

If you are not willing to spend on area rugs, you can buy a floor pad. No doubt floor pads are highly versatile. They prevent slipping and sliding. So, with floor pads, you can protect the floor. To keep the rugs in place and to maintain the shine, they are multitaskers. Indeed they provide a protective barrier. 

Tip #8

Clean the floor instantly. In case of any spills, wipe the floor. Keep in mind; vinyl flooring in Columbus does not need any extensive care. Simple vacuum and mopping will work. So, to have the best floors, you can use vinyl in any part of the home. You can use a DIY solution for cleaning purposes. A liquid solution can be developed.

For this reason, mix some liquid soap in water. Rub the solution on the surface. And your floor is clean. Yeah, this is so amazing. 


By now, you have a clear idea of how you can protect vinyl plank flooring from scratches. For this reason, you have to practice care. While you are lifting the heavy elements, make sure that you are not disturbing the floor shape. However, if you want to get the most out of the floor, keep it clean. No doubt spectacular floors look extraordinary. Those who have good knowledge can have these floors. Relax! It is one of the easy-to-go floors. Moreover, it has an easy installation as well as easy cleaning.


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