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Everyone in India is obsessed with fair, beautiful, picture-perfect, spotless, and pretty young skin. The desire for white skin is rooted in its culture and can be found in Bollywood, ads, family recommendations, and any other form of expression. Women in villages consume a lot of dairies and avoid eating dark foods when pregnant to conceive ‘white’ offspring. Matrimonial advertisements feature a plethora of listings from both brides and grooms seeking fair and attractive spouses.

Fairness appears to be a required criterion in Indian culture in order to be regarded as attractive and worthy of notice. If beauty product advertisements are to be believed, most people cannot acquire a job or find a suitable spouse until they get fairer.

Therefore, people try experimenting with their skin to become fair. They apply multiple products to lighten their skin tone or to remove those ugly imperfections. But we all know how it goes for everyone! Despite the use of several home remedies and beauty products, everything stays the same.

Then there are all these fairness creams that claimed to treat all of your skin issues. But do those fairness treatments truly work? Yes and No, since in the end, it all comes down to the product you pick and how your skin reacts to it.


Your skin begins to age with time, and you may notice scars, dark patches, or imperfections on it. And that’s completely alright. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them!

Research of the three most popular fairness creams in India indicated that only around 5-10% of the components truly aid in the promotion of fairness. Furthermore, while some of these substances, such as Niacinamide and ascorbyl glucosidase, have some reported therapeutic efficacy in lowering melanin production, no clinical trials have been conducted to establish this effect. The remaining components work by hydrating and softening the skin or by protecting it from UV rays. This gives the skin a fresher appearance and gives the illusion of a minor brightness.


In actuality, products that address excess pigmentation or dull skin are more successful than those that promote fairness. They accomplish this by counteracting the over-synthesis of melanin, which is mostly caused by sun damage. Because of India’s proximity to the equator, its citizens are more exposed to the sun’s UV rays, making us appear darker than we are.

Furthermore, as a result of the harsh exposure, Indians are more prone to pigmentation problems, resulting in more black patches or dark spots on sun-exposed regions. Hydroquinone, Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin A derivatives, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are some substances that function well for these conditions. Read more :


There are a billion skincare products on the market, all competing for your attention with overblown ads. So, please don’t be taken in by those excessively enticing brands.

So, it’s best to seek ones that are appropriate for your skin and can help you and your skin while also solving all of your concerns. After all, it’s a matter of your skin.


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