Different Types of Change Management Models

To change is the law of nature. Change or evolution is necessary for survival. Those who don’t evolve themselves according to the modern era, remain behind in the race. Change is a necessary thing for progress and success. The same is in the case of business. You need to evolve it according to modern-day requirements to make it successful.

There are many examples in the world when a slight management change proves a turning point for the faith of the business. But it’s difficult to change the management of a business. A slight mistake could drown your business. Similarly, sometimes the changes may not be favorable and this will lead to the end of your business. But you could contact some professionals, like “Unitive Consulting” for this purpose. 

You could also adopt some previous, successful change models. Some successful change methodology models are given below. 

  • Lewin’s Model

 Kurt Lewin is the founder of this change model who presented it in 1950. It’s an easy change model. It has three steps. It is similar to melting an ice cube and freezing it into a new shape. In the first step, you have to observe the current management of the business. It will help you to better understand the points where changes are required.

 Then simply melt it like ice. In the second step, you have to make the changes according to the needs of the business. It’s like putting the melted ice in the desired container. And then comes the third and last step. You have to adopt a system to prevent the fallback of changes. It’s like refreezing the ice into the desired container.

  • The McKinsey 7-S model

This change model was presented by McKinsey and company consultants. This model revolves around the 7-S of the business. The change model involves the breakdown of previous management and focuses on these core points. 

First of all, it checks the strategy of the business and then the structure of the business according to this strategy. Possible required changes are made in the system of process and style of working. In the end, it checks the whole staff and skills possessed by them.

  • Kotter’s Theory

John Kotter was a professor at Harvard University. He developed this change model. In this model, he focused on the psychology of people involved in the change process. He gave various steps to change management.

  • Make your staff feel that every task is urgent. It will act as a motivation for them and they will try to work swiftly.
  • Team building should take place. All teams and their leaders should be experts in various skills.
  • You should have a clear vision. And this vision should be explained to the staff.
  • You should communicate with every employee and make sure that they all are aware of their roles.
  • Note everything that could become a hazard in your way. Try to eliminate it.
  • Your goals should be short-termed. This will help to achieve more success.
  • Try to maintain the starting moment throughout the project.
  • Try to maintain the changes that are made for the initial project.
  • ADKAR Model

This change model was presented by the founder of Prosci, Jeff Hiatt. According to this, everyone in the company should be aware of the desired changes. Also, make sure that you involve only those employees who want the change. Awareness should be provided about their roles in the company. Keep in mind that all the employees have the ability and skills to perform their roles. Keep on working with the same staff after accomplishing the change. 

  • Nudge Theory

This theory is different from the others. It does not base on the step-by-step process to change the management. It depends on the change made by the employees. You don’t need to issue change requests to the executive or senior executive of the business. It works on planning a strategy that would attract the employees towards the change.

You should show the change as a benefit to the employees and give it as a recommendation instead of an order.

There you have it! These are some best change methodology models that you can implement.


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