Difference Between VOOPOO VINCI X 2 Kit and VOOPOO VINCI X Kit

Whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned campaigner, it can be quite daunting to opt for a VOOPOO kit. After all, there are a number of variants of VOOPOO vape kits.

We help vapers make a more informed decision between several VOOPOO VINCI devices, providing all the essential information required.

Today, we’ll discuss the VOOPOO VINCI X 2 Kit and VOOPOO VINCI X Kit, I got both from the same vape store.

It is fair to claim that the VINCI X 2 is the successor of the VINCI X kit if we look at the differences.

Let’s have a look at what VOOPOO has integrated into the VINCI X 2 to make it a successor to the VINCI X:

Design and Body

A fresh improvement has been made by VOOPOO to make sure vapers are enjoying a comfortable sensation when using the Vinci X 2.

The body of the VINCI X 2 is slightly curved in comparison to its predecessor, the VINCI X. This gives the user a comfortable and premium feel with the VINCI X 2.

The two devices come in a range of colors, while VINCI X having a better variety:


  • Dazzling Line
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Neon
  • Velvet Blue
  • Pine Grey


  • Dazzling Green
  • Space Grey
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Aurora
  • Scarlet
  • Teal Blue
  • Ink

Apart from all this, the screen size has been enlarged from 0.96 to 1.08 in the VOOPOO VINCI X 2 Businessworldfacts.

It also comes with multiple color themes and the ability to change the screen position to suit your preferences.


The major difference in performance between the two devices is owed to two things: Wattage and Chipset.

The VOOPOO VINCI X 2 offers a wattage of 5-80W, while the VINCI X maxes out at 70W. However, this might go unnoticed by vapers.

The real performance upgrade you might feel is in the airflow. The VINCI X 2 saw the inclusion of VOOPOO’s “Infinite Airflow” control.

The sliders enable you to pull the VINCI X 2 all the way open to a wide-open draw, much more than you require airflow.

Alternatively, you may apply a draw to a tightly closed design to mimic sucking concrete through a straw. This said, the VINCI X only had two airflow options.

Furthermore, the new Gene 2.0 chipset in the VINCI X 2 ensures long-term efficiency.


VOOPOO VINCI X 2 has been upgrading with a long-awaited Type-C USB port for charging.

The VINCI X does not have this charging port, therefore, it is not able to enjoy a 5V/2A charging rate.

What a bummer Marketbusinessfacts!

Bigger POD

VOOPOO has realized that their PnP coils are one-thirsty beasts!

The VINCI X 2 offers are larger POD with 6.5ml capacity for e-liquids. This allows more time till you have to refill!

Before this, the VINCI X came with a POD with 5.5ml e-liquid capacity – an increase of 1ml.

Which One Is Better?

VOOPOO has brought about some extensive changes in the VINCI X 2, but at the same time, the experience is somewhat the same!

The changes that VOOPOO has brought are merely changes that were needed.

So, the VINCI X 2 is superior, but the VINCI X isn’t that far behind! Techlogicagte


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