Diet and Oral Hygiene Tips By Dentist Dublin

The widely-held misconception that good oral hygiene has nothing to do with what you consume in terms of food is the number one cause of teeth infections, decay, and severe toothaches. While diet has a major role to play in how your teeth turn out, your teeth also affect the food that goes into your body. This bidirectional relationship is extremely important for the body’s wellbeing and a balance must be created at all costs. Dentist Dublin always recommend their patients to try and reduce the intake of foods and drinks that boost the development process of dental caries and other tooth diseases. The overall health and hygiene of your mouth greatly depend on the kind of food you eat and how often you eat it, which is why dentists always recommend creating a balance between your favourite non-nutritious snacks and healthy fruits and vegetables that are good for your teeth.

As children, the most common tooth disease humans come across is tooth decay which primarily occurs due to the quality and consumption of the food we intake at that age. Though tooth decay is preventable, 90% of children fall prey to it while being obsessed with their favourite candies and eating them nonstop. Sugary food of any kind can contribute to tooth decay greatly. Dentist Dublin advises their patients to check the label on the back of their favourite snacks to check their sugar levels. Moreover, it is imperative to incorporate foods with certain nutrients in your diet to have the perfect smile that everyone loves!

Dietary tips for a good oral hygiene

If you want to have a perfect smile and do not want to visit the dentist over and over again, incorporate these few tips in your life and watch them do their magic.

  • Drink lots and lots of water!

Water is essential to keep your mouth germ-free and well hydrated. It also dilutes the acids you consume from junk food and makes it a lot less harmful for you. The build-up of plaque in the presence of water is much harder as well.

  • Remember the five major groups of food

There are five major groups of food that you need to eat to have strong, healthy, and germ-free teeth. These groups are proteins, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

  • Put an end to binge-eating your favourite snacks

We get how hard it is to stop eating your favourite snack, but prevention is better than cure. This is why you should cut down the amounts of snacks you feed your body and take proper care of your teeth before it’s too late.

  • Have a good dental care routine

Eating right is not the only thing that you need to get sparkly-white perfect teeth. You need to brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly, twice a day. But even that is simply not enough! Do not forget to floss and rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash before going to sleep.

A list of dental disorders that you may develop if you do not watch what you eat!

To convince and ensure their patients to eat right and give their body the correct amount of nutrients, Dentist Dublin usually mentions the following painful and annoying dental disorders that most people develop. Although determining the cause of these disorders is a complex job, in most cases they occur due to nutrient deficiency or excess sugar and acid intake.

  1. Caries


Although caries depends on the sensitivity of the teeth and how prone they are to get infected, you can avoid the disease altogether by watching what you eat. To develop caries, you must have a lot of sugars and a certain type of bacteria present on the surface of your teeth which over time corrodes the surface and infects your teeth causing a lot of pain.


The treatment of this particular teeth disorder depends on how bad your case is. If your caries has just started appearing, it can be fixed with a fluoride treatment. If it’s too far along the way and cannot be saved with a simple treatment, Dentist Dublin usually recommends carrying out a root canal or even extraction in some extreme cases.

2- Dental Erosion


Being the second most common outcome of a sugary and acidic diet, dental erosion is an irreversible loss of tissue that progresses over time. This loss occurs due to the corrosion from the acids found in artificially flavoured juices and fruity candies. Citric, malic, tartaric, phosphoric, and many other acids found in candies and vinegar are leading causes of dental erosion. Not only is this condition visually displeasing, but it is also very hard to treat.


Dentist Dublin claims that the best way to treat an eroded tooth is to prevent it. If you still manage to get one, make sure to visit your dentist and get a tooth bonding treatment. In severe cases, the dentist might add crowns or veneers to the tooth to make it look better.


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