Detailed Outlined of an Electric Grass Cutting Machine & How to Use It

Gardening is a solace for many people in their holidays or after retirement. However, once they have a garden to grow flowers and vegetables, they have to worry about dealing with the tenacious weeds. Although the herbicide is effective, there are residual doubts. At this time, choosing an electric grass cutting machine is environmentally friendly and checks the family’s health.

Electric grass cutting machines are lighter and less noisy than engine models, making them suitable for home gardening. However, it is easy to consume without the concept blindly in the face of the dazzling selection of choices on the market. Therefore, this article will teach you how to master the purchasing skills of a grass-cutting machine.

Critical points for purchasing electric grass cutting machine:

Traditional engine-type grass cutting machines have the established impression that they are noisy, heavy, and difficult to handle and are often less suitable for densely populated areas. The electric grass cutting machine introduced this time is not only easy to operate and low risk; even novice planters can weed more efficiently and at ease.

Choose the power supply method according to the place of use:

When purchasing an electric grass cutting machine, selecting the power supply method is more important than evaluating the location of use. The products sold on the market can be divided into “plug-in” and “rechargeable.” The plug-in type must ensure that there is a socket that can supply power. The line length quickly limits the range of use, but the emphasis is stable and unnecessary. Instead, charge in advance and use the maximum horsepower for the whole process simultaneously, which is relatively fast and efficient.

The location and scope do not restrict the rechargeable type, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about cutting the wires by mistake, and it has a high degree of freedom in use. Although you have to pay attention to the amount of residual power at all times, if you only plan to use it for pruning small yards and courtyards, a battery of ordinary capacity is sufficient. However, rechargeable batteries are expensive and must be replaced regularly, which requires a higher budget than plug-in products.

Consider the sharpness and safety of the blade:

The blades commonly used in grass cutting machines can be roughly divided into three types, namely “metal blade,” “plastic blade,” and “beef tendon rope (nylon rope).” The metal blade is also called a “circular saw blade” because of its circular design. It has the best cutting power and is favored by experts. However, while exerting a powerful rotating force, it may break and injure the user if the metal blade collides with a hard object such as gravel or malfunctions. Therefore, it can be said to be the most dangerous type.

Nylon beef tendon rope uses the high-speed rotation of a plastic string to generate impact. Because it is not an actual blade, it is not suitable for handling plants with thick stems and leaves, but it is relatively safe. The plastic edge is somewhere in between, and both safety and sharpness have a balanced performance.

Choose the grip according to the terrain:

The two ends of the handheld electric grass cutting machine are the blade and the motor. Stabilize the weight; a grip is usually added to the middle of the fuselage. There are three standard designs: “double handle,” “single handle,” and “double cut.” To avoid consuming too much effort in operation, choosing the appropriate grip design according to the terrain is also a significant point of purchase.

A two-handle grass cutting machine needs to be operated with two hands. The U-shaped grip makes the body move steadily due to easy force. However, it is not recommended to use it on slopes due to unfavorable vertical operation. The single-handle ring grip is freer to move. It can flexibly deal with the ups and downs of the terrain, but the operational stability of the body is inferior to the two-handle style. After all, if you want to buy a grass cutting machine, you can contact site.


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