Design The Ideal Sales Funnel For Your Business

Customers are the key to the success of any business. Getting customers to trust you enough and make a purchase is the only way to gain revenue. How do you lead a person who may not know about your business to become your customer and advocate?

You do so by using a digital marketing sales funnel. A sales funnel works just like an actual physical funnel. In this case, you will be using the digital marketing funnel to run customers into your business digitally.

Setting up a sales funnel the right way is crucial for its success. A digital marketing company can guide you in getting this right. While there are various ways to look at a sales funnel in digital marketing, the most commonly used technique is to divide the funnel into six stages.

Here is an overview of what these stages are and what you should do to drive traffic from one step to the next.

Stage 1: Awareness

The first stage is all about letting people know that your business exists. After all, they cannot purchase a brand that they are not aware of.

SEO, social media and advertisements are the three weapons in your arsenal to attract visitors to your website. The idea is to make people aware of your business. It is also good to not concentrate too much on sales or promotion at this stage as many people get put off if the information is too ‘sales’.

Blog posts that educate visitors about various topics or how-to guides are excellent examples of what to do to create awareness about your brand. Google, Facebook and Instagram ads are the other options to consider. You should measure the engagement and reach of the techniques you employ to track their performance.    

Stage 2: Interest

Once a lead is aware of your business, the next step is to make them interested in your offerings. Interest is one of the digital marketing funnel stages where the focus is still all on educating the customer and not being solely sales focused.

You have to deliver more tailored content at this stage. Free trials or downloads that provide an insight into what you have to offer are great ideas. The customer will take time to go through the offerings for the free trial and spend some time researching and understanding your business.

You can use metrics such as the average session length, bounce rate, number of pages visited, etc., to track the visitor’s interest.  

Stage 3: Consideration

When a lead reaches this stage of the digital marketing sales funnel, they are interested in what you have to offer and are considering making a purchase. They may look up reviews, read product descriptions or product information, or click on Call-To-Actions or CTAs.

They may not go through with the purchase, but they do show their willingness towards it. At this stage, you should show the benefits of your products or services. You can encourage visitors to add the products they are considering to a wishlist. Or offer some incentives for going through with the purchase.

If someone has added something to their cart and left the website, then showing them that product with an exciting offer or selling a fast tag in their social media ads will encourage them to revisit the website and consider a purchase.  

Stage 4: Evaluation

The visitor has considered your product or service and completed an action such as adding a product to the cart or clicking on a CTA that gives you an indication that they intend to make a purchase.

At this stage of the digital marketing funnel, your potential customer compares your product with other similar ones in the market and weighs their options. Good reviews that highlight the benefit of your product or services will help you in this stage.

You have to convince the customer that you are their best choice. You can highlight how your offer is better than similar products or services in the market. You should also highlight your after-sales support options.  

Stage 5: Purchase

Your only goal at this stage of the sales funnel in digital marketing is to convince the customer to make a purchase. You should make the checkout process smooth and fuss-free. Offer various payment modes and try to offer free shipping as far as possible.

You can also show similar products or products that others bought or offer extra discounts for making a combo purchase. The idea is to make the checkout fast and straightforward and maximise revenue in the process.

Stage 6: Advocate

While all the digital marketing funnel stages were focused on convincing the visitor to become a paying customer, this stage is all about making them advocates for your brand.

You can do so by connecting with your customers, informing them about new offers and products, and giving them incentives when they bring a friend to your business.

Good quality product or service combined with these tactics will turn your loyal customers into your brand ambassadors. 

Funnel Your Way to Success

Implementing and maintaining a digital marketing sales funnel requires careful consideration of various factors. An experienced digital marketing company will make this easier for you and design a sales funnel that increases your revenue.

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