Dental services and what they are all about

Your dental health is typically overlooked when determining your overall health. This is due to the notion that dental problems and procedures aim to help only for aesthetic reasons. This may not always be so, as some dental issues can lead to further problems in other areas of your body. However, these issues can be handled by facilities that focus on cosmetic, family and general dentistry Midtown Manhattan. Some of these dental services and their benefits are discussed further below.

What do cosmetic, family, and general dentistry entail?

These various dental entities strive to improve and get rid of different oral conditions and diseases, thus improving your quality of life. Some procedures may be corrective, while others aim to improve the appearance of your smile.

Some of these dental techniques and procedures include:

Dental veneers

Veneers are popular slim coverings put on the front part of your teeth to deal with poorly shaped, crooked, or severely discolored teeth problems. Teeth with a gray or yellow cast may also be lightened.

Cosmetic fillings

These fillings, whose color resembles natural teeth, are made of glass particles and composite resin and are placed on the existing teeth via a bonding agent. They improve how your smile looks and can be of different types, including silver ones.


Invisalign aims at straightening your crooked smile by moving them slowly through various removable, custom-made aligners. They are comfortable, nearly invisible, and do not affect your daily activities.


The structure used to fill the gap between missing teeth and is placed between two dental crowns is known as a dental bridge. This bridge is typically supported by implants, your teeth, or both implants and teeth. This restores your smile, taking years off your appearance.

Dental Crowns

This dental prosthesis is placed on the visible part of your teeth. Its functions are to restore their original shape, strengthen teeth, and enhance their appearance. They also cover dental implants and hold dental bridges in place.

Tooth extractions

This dental procedure aims at removing your tooth from the sockets of its bone. This is done to prepare your mouth for orthodontic treatment or get rid of a tooth too damaged for standard restorative methods.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in your physician’s office involves combining a light source with a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide to speed up the whitening process.

Root Canal Therapy

Standard treatment for diseased teeth is often extraction. However, root canal therapy can be administered to repair badly decayed or infected teeth. These procedures are painful even though the amount of pain felt is similar to when getting fillings.

Dental Bonding

This technique is applied to fix dental imperfections like decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth. A resin that resembles your teeth is applied and hardened with light to bond the substance to the teeth.

Your teeth’ appearance often enhances your smile and has a significant impact on how you look, affecting your self-esteem level. Dental procedures are beneficial for aesthetic reasons and improve your overall health. Visit us online or call our offices in Midtown Manhattan, NY, for any dental inquiries.


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