Decorative Elements You Must Have in Your Living Room

The living room is the space at home that is most exposed to guests and other people. It is where we receive and entertain guests, both family and friends. Because of this, the living room should always look appealing and welcoming to people especially to guests.

If you’re bored with the old look of your living room, you may be considering redecorating but worried about the budget that it needs. You don’t actually need to spend a lot in redecorating your living room as long as you have the basic accessories. Here are some of the key decorative elements that would surely refresh the look of your living room.

A Rug

The living room is where your guests stay and relax while enjoying a good conversation. Add some extra comfort factor in your living room by putting a large area rug on it. Be sure that it is big enough to cover the floor space in the seating area to keep the guests’ feet comfortable and warm.


coffee table
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A Small Table

You should always have a coffee table in the middle of the seating area in your living room. It adds as a decorative element as well as pulling the pieces together in a more cohesive style. You and your guests could use this table to hold some snacks, drinks, and even some personal belongings such as phones or small trinkets. You could even put some decorations on it to add style in the living room such as photo frames, flower vase, and many more.


Your living room décor would never be complete without draperies or curtains on the windows. It gives personality and impact to your living room and also helps control the amount of natural light coming in if it’s too bright. When buying draperies, choose bold coloured ones if your living room décor is in neutral tones. If you already have a colourful scheme, opt for neutral-coloured draperies such as white or cream.

Add a Personal Touch

Your living room won’t feel much welcoming when you don’t incorporate something personal in its décor. Hang some family photos or some personal things you like such as souvenirs and other memorabilia to incorporate your personality in the décor itself. These pieces could even spark some conversation when you have guests when they get intrigued about it.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows add a plush and comfy feeling to any living room. Be sure you have several throw pillows on the sofa, couch, and around the seating area of your living room. Overfilled pillows also look more luxurious and inviting than regular ones so you might want to consider adding some filling into your usual pillows. During winter, you could also have some throw blankets on the living room, perfect for keeping guests cosy when the weather is cold.

No matter what your design theme is, these decorative elements are surely a must-have to complete your living room décor.


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